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Babydoll Lingerie

A Few Words on Women's Plus Size Lingerie by Stephen Chown

First of all, what is women's plus size lingerie? This would be lingerie like negligees and nightgowns that were designed for plus-size women. Okay, so what are plus size women then?

Plus size women may either be in their teens, are young adults, or are senior citizens. They are women who have particularly large build, being either big-boned or have more body mass than the average woman. In the US, you are a plus-sized woman if you use size 14 type of clothing and upwards. In the UK, you need to use at least size 16 (and upwards) to be considered a plus-size woman.

In men, a plus-size build may be termed Big and Tall instead.

If you are looking for a business to invest in, you might want to start one that focuses on manufacturing and/or selling women's plus size lingerie. This is because plus-size women often have a hard time finding clothes (even lingerie) that fit them. There is a stigma in the clothing industry against plus-size women because of the impression that they are fat. Plus-sized women are not necessarily fat but may have a body type or are genetically predisposed towards a large build. Another reason some women reach the plus-size standards for clothing is that they may have gained quite a lot of weight because of a pregnancy or an illness where they had to stay in bed for long periods of time. For such women, a supplier of women's plus size lingerie would be a blessing from heaven.

If you are a plus-size woman who is great-looking and reasonably healthy plus are very photogenic, you can actually have a career being a plus-size model. Plus-size models are women who model clothing and accessories that were designed for plus-size women. This is a growing industry and there is a major need for plus-size women who can be models as well. The positive spin on being a plus-size woman that such plus-size marketing can give can help many plus-size women stop feeling bad about being in the plus-size range for clothing and start feeling good that they are who they are. It can also help counter the over-emphasis in the fashion industry on hiring fashion models who look anorexic and are unnaturally thin. Most people fall somewhere in between the thin models range and the plus-size models range so this can help make more people aware that being plus-size can also be attractive.

Hopefully, more and more fashion designers will opt to design clothing that plus-size women can realistically wear. At present, many fashion designers are still focused on designing clothes for too-thin women in the couture range, while off-the-rack clothing also disregard the plus-size segment. That is why plus-size women have to look for specialty stores that will sell the right comfortable and appealing plus-size clothing to them at reasonable prices.

If you are a plus-size woman who feels the stigma of being plus-size, you may need a support group to help you keep your psyche and mind straightened out. That is why some plus-size women even have to go for counseling so that they can stay sane in a world that insists plus-size is an abnormal and undesirable standard for female beauty and desirability. offers womens Sexy Lingerie , Babydoll Lingerie, adult Halloween costumes and sheer lingerie. Free shipping and low prices.

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