Black Dress Lingerie

Black Dress Lingerie

Whats New In Lingerie? Vinyl by Roberta "Bunnie" Thomas

Many vinyl lingerie brands are now expanding their markets by also making their vinyl garments available in non-specialist lingerie shops, on the Internet and in catalogs.

Most women have either purchased or been given as a gift lingerie. Not unlike outerwear there are a variety of different styles and types of vinyl lingerie. Almost as many different styles and types as the price tags that go with them. Until recent years much of the vinyl lingerie was sold primarily through specialty stores and online shops. But a lot has changed in this market in the past couple of years.

Vinyl clothing and lingerie is made from a rubber material that under warm conditions tends to stick together. It can be folded but it's a good idea to treat it with a thin coat of start or talcum powder before folding it up so it doesn't stick together. Up until recently most vinyl clothing was only available in red or black but in recent years it has become available in almost any color you want.

Vinyl lingerie brands nowadays offer almost any type of clothing made out of vinyl. Think of undergarments such as bras, tops and panties, but you can also buy clothing (dresses, skirts, trousers, corsets and so-called fetish wear. This type of vinyl clothing is usually marketed by specialist vinyl lingerie brands and can be found and purchased mainly in the Internet or from specialist catalogs. These catalogs do not only offer lingerie but also clothing, jackets and even shoes made of this material.

Clothes made out of this kind of material look better when they are figure-hugging so make sure that you know what size you need when ordering vinyl lingerie as lingerie often cannot be returned.

There are some special care needs for vinyl lingerie. If you wash them be sure the laundry soap does NOT have any type bleach in it. Its a good idea to always follow the care and wasahing instructions that come with your garment. Also avoid your pets and sharp items from your vinyl lingerie because vinyl scratches and damages very easily. It is almost impossible to repair a piece of vinyl clothing without leaving a pretty obvious repair mark.

Go buy some vinyl lingerie and show your daring side. Its an added surprise to your wardrobe you won't regret. And if you take care of these garments you will enjoy them for many years because vinyl is a very strong material that keeps looking good for a long time as long as you take care of it.

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