Black Lace Corset

Black Lace Corset

Fascinating history fats about the little black dress

Many little black dress models that we know today were part of old traditions. The empire cut style was a known design. When the December 2, 1804, Napoleon was crowned emperor of the French, all the peculiar characteristics of the emerging Empire style, were already present in the recently ended period of the Board.

The tastes of the newly constipation nineteenth century were characterized by a predominance of classic simplicity and influenced in architecture, furniture and, of course in the locker room. Thanks to the military campaigns of Napoleon and his desire to recall the former glory of classical Rome, women's dress become in some cases, copies of the dress of Roman matrons.

A high-waist little black dress, low cut and short sleeves, which gave the woman a very slender and upright appearance, was imperative! It was a fad that seemed to be designed basically to show off in summer, due to the lightness of their appearance. The evening gowns stretched from behind wearing a tail, and court suits were used gold and silver embroidery, which gave the dress looks as majestic.

Usually also used pale hues ethereal fabrics such as linen, cotton, silk or muslin. In winter they wore cloth, velvet and calico. They were exposed fashionable Spencer jackets and tight-sleeved frock, a kind of jacket inspired by those used for horse riding. They were also very popular shawls, manufactured in a variety of sizes, materials and colors; this was a garment that was showcased throughout the year. They were highly prized cashmere. However, the
little black dress
was the preferred.

The hairstyle consisted of a big bow too high, adorned with ribbons, tiaras or combs, or was very short with curls on the forehead, temples and neck. They wore many hats, and headdresses, although the most popular was the cap hat, which remained in use until mid-century with different variations. They often remained at home using chiffon sleeves adorned with ribbons and lace. In the wake of Napoleon's military campaigns in Egypt, was popularized turban, adorned with feathers and brooches of precious stones, and berets, placed sideways.

The shoes were the most common and flat shoes sandals, made in morocco leather and embroidered fabrics to match the dresses. They were fine tip and were tight at the ankles with ribbons and fashion was to midcentury. Undergarments consisted of long pants to the ankles and a thin cotton shirt unadorned. The corset was deleted. But, the little black dress appeared soon after to take over!

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