Black Lace Lingerie

Black Lace Lingerie

Lingerie Has Evolved, But The More Things Change The More They Stay The Same by Gregg Hall

Ask any woman what their definition of lingerie is and the answer that you get may depend on their age and what was viewed as sexy when they were coming up.

Lingerie comes in so many styles, fabrics, textures and colors that no matter which way a woman's tastes run, there will be something that they find appealing. While the younger generation may consider themselves to be wearing the latest innovations in intimate apparel, this is not the case at all.

Seamed stockings, a popular item with most women, are not a modern invention. Long before women were allowed to wear short skirts, our ancestors wore them under long, floor length dresses where men never had the opportunity to see and admire them. They were not designed to heighten sex appeal but were worn so the legs would be warm. Don't forget that there was no such thing as central heating back then and if you wanted to remain warm you had to dress accordingly. After short skirts and dresses entered the fashion world, only then were these stocking viewed by men and considered to be sexually appealing.

The same theory applies to the corsets that are very fashionable to wear these days. Modern women wear them as tops and they come in every type of color, even camouflage. The women who first wore them did so because they did not have bras and girdles back then. This all in one piece would support the breasts, cinch in the waist and girdle the tummy. They could actually be dangerous because they were often laced too tightly and caused the woman wearing it to faint due to lack of oxygen. Today's corsets are worn more for fashion than figure flaws but you can still get the form correcting ones in lingerie shops.

The older generation of women often donned negligees and penoir sets made of silky materials that highlighted the breasts. You can watch an old black and white movie and see the actresses sail across the room in their flowing gowns wearing high healed slippers with fuzzy trim. This was during the time when being glamorous was considered sexy. Women would get "dressed" for bed, brushing out their hair and donning silk and satin to sleep in.

Their fashion trends didn't stop with actual garments. The same high heeled fuzzy slippers are still considered fashionable and are still very much in demand today. They can usually be found in the more well known lingerie shops or online. Speaking of high heels, today's shoe wear would have the ladies of previous generations screaming, "copycat!" Today you see many women wearing espadrilles with the long ribbons that lace up the leg and are tied at the top of the calf. Far from being a new fashion in footwear, these very same shoes were worn decades ago by the same women that today's generation would call old fashioned.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Beach, Florida. Find more about this as well as women's lingerie at

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