Black Women

Black Women

Black Hair - A Guide to Hair Care for Black Women

Black women with natural, relaxed, curled and excessively-curly hair have very special hair care needs. African textured hair and super curly hair is naturally drier than other hair types. If the hair is natural, dryness can lead to hair that is hard to manage because the natural oils supplied by the sebaceous glands in the scalp may not disperse evenly to hair ends due to the curly nature of the hair.

Relaxed and curly permed hair suffers from dryness too, but usually due to the chemical processes and upkeep practices. Hair that is braided or lock’s can also suffer by the misuse of extensions, tight braiding and over twisting the hair roots to achieve a style.

The true beauty of our hair is its versatility. The unique structure of African textured hair allows us to go from kinky to curly to straight and back again. Our hair is truly alive! Hair that is worn unprocessed and chemical free can be worn in a variety of styles depending on your hair’s texture and length. Hair that is relaxed or pressed can be worn in a variety or straight or curly styles.

Relaxed hair must be kept in optimal health to prevent damage which can lead to breakage and bald patches. Hair that is pressed with a hot iron or flat iron should be protected with a mild pomade or cream to prevent burning or excessive dryness. There's really no limit to the styles you can wear.

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