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Briefs Underwear Free

The Old Fashioned Joy of Boxer Shorts by Stewart Alex

Gentlemen of the world unite! Boxer shorts are once again becoming a popular men’s underwear choice and the collections of designer briefs and boxers are increasing in number. Comfortable, light weight and pretty roomy when you need it, boxer shorts are no longer old men’s clothing. The hip hop crowd helped bring boxer shorts back into style, and even if you don’t wear baggy jeans, boxer shorts are still fun to wear.

The name â€boxer shorts’ came from the shorts that professional boxers wear whenever they step into the ring for a bout. While they are traditionally designed for men to wear complete with button fly or flap for easy access, many women have discovered just how comfortable this
men’s underwear happens to be. The next time your boxer shorts are missing, check your partner’s underwear drawer. That’s probably where they’ve gone!

Boxer shorts were first introduced to the world around the 1930s, and it took twenty years for them to become a fashionable trend. Men were used to briefs, not thongs or trunks but briefs. Their following in the 1950s was still pretty low and it wasn’t until models and popular stars like Nick Kaman started wearing them in commercials, magazine advertisements and on billboard signs during the 1980s that they achieved the cult following they now enjoy.

One of the reasons boxer shorts are becoming more popular is that they seem to turn the ladies on. A lot of women love seeing their man in a pair of boxer shorts, and many men enjoy wearing them around the house. They come in lots of different varieties and some even have SpongeBob Squarepants on them! Textiles also vary in boxer underwear, coming in just about every type imaginable from silk to cotton.

Of course, men who prefer to have their privates a little more protected do not like boxer shorts because they are too freeing. Some men want that snug fit around their bodies and don’t want any chance of accidental exposure. Boxers are also not recommended for sports activities as they can leave you to free.

Regardless of the cons of boxer shorts, plenty of men still like the feel of this underwear and the way they fit. Take a look around men’s sites on the Internet and you’ll find the latest styles on sale and ready for you to buy. If you’ve never worn them, give them a try. You might be in for a pleasant surprise.

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