Corset Bustier String

Corset Bustier String

Must Have Lingeries in a Womens Wardrobe by BeverlyKathryn

What you wear makes a statement about who you really are. And in the end there are only three things you need to consider while shopping for underwear's and panties. Firstly, it should keep you comfortable while you wear it as you are mostly going to wear it for long durations. Secondly, it should be from a reputable brand which lasts longer in terms of its lifetime. Thirdly, it should make you feel good about yourself; it should make you feel good, sexy and classy. Nonetheless all the three factors are were important if you are a woman. The worlds of innerwear's and panties, lingerie etc are quite humongous for a woman in terms of their options.

However, despite the various varieties, it is very important for a woman to have some lingerie in her wardrobe. She should have a collection irrespective of its quantity. It is very important for a girl to look good to the outside world. Their social stigma relies heavily on how sexy they really look. Also it is always good to have some lingerie in your collection to spice up your marriage life if you are married. It is very important for a couple to maintain a healthy relationship which is both physical and emotional. And for that every now and then, you need to throw some brownies to your man. Above all you must do it for your own desires and requirements.

In terms of lingerie there are several kinds. They are stated below.
Baby Doll Lingerie: It is a short gown with a built in bra like cups with loose flowing skirt. That's the general design and they come in variety of colors and styles.

Garter Belt: Do not wear it with pants. It is worn on the skin around the waist. Sexy stockings or thigh highs are usually attached to the belt which makes the whole attire quite erotic and exotic.

Teddy: It is similar to a single piece swimsuit. However, it comes in lace of all colors. They are usually lower cut along with thong backs sometimes. The cups have under wire for support.

Bustier: A strapless sexy bra that goes down to the waist and strapped on to the garter straps. It is usually very shiny and thus made out of silk. It can be worn with or without panties. They are usually sexy tops and thus go well with casual wear as well.

Camisole: It is basically a short top. It is usually worn as a slip under a jacket or a sweater as a style statement.

Chemise: It is a strait cut innerwear that falls above the knee. It has thin spaghetti like straps which is adjustable.

Thongs and G-String panties: Thongs covers your front and exposes your bottom. A thin string covers your bottom. G-strings are similar.

Corset: It is a tight fitting garment which cinches the waist and lifts up the breasts. It also has adjustable lacing in the back. Sometimes they come along with garter belts.

Peignor: It is a long gown reaching the ankles. They also come with a matching robe.

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