Corset Lingerie Size

Corset Lingerie Size

History Of Lingerie by Derek Both

Up until about the '60s and '70s, women's undergarments were made to serve a few different functions or purposes, none of them being sensuality or femininity. Learning the history of lingerie should make any woman thankful to have been born during this particular time. A time when ideas regarding the female form and women in general have morphed so drastically from just a century ago, and the changes in lingerie have certainly reflected this.

Women's underwear, long before lingerie was even a possibility, has, at one time, been not only unsightly and boring, but sometimes, downright painful! Corsets and girdles have been causing discomfort in women for several centuries now. Early corsets made of bone were designed to tighten the waist and enhance the bust by pushing it up and forward.

From the 16th to the 19th centuries, corsets were worn to give women waists as tiny as 16 or 17 inches (40-43 cm). This was so tight that some ladies even passed out from the severe constriction! Thankfully, the girdle became popular in the 1920s, which also helped to shape the body, but into a more natural form and with elastic-type material rather than the painful bindings of the corset.

When more and more women found themselves entering the workplace during World War I and the years to follow, they realized a more practical form of undergarments were needed. Soon fabric became breathable and considerably lighter, and style was focused on functionality. Then, in the 30's and 40's, women's lingerie began to truly enhance the female form with the advent of the bra.

Bras can now be designed for support or for appearance and enhancement. Those that are made for support maximize comfort and minimize movement, such as a sports bra. Bras that enhance figures can lift the bust line, give you cleavage that you've never had before and some also feature extra padding to add to your overall bust size. Alternately, there are even minimizing bras designed to make the breasts appear smaller.

Women's panties have undergone many changes in the design process and can be found in different styles and cuts with something for any preference. Briefs are designed for comfort but can still be found in colorful patterns or designs. Boy-shorts are a fan of many women since they help minimize panty lines but are fun and comfy at the same time.

Also, in the "everyday" category of lingerie along with bras and panties, are slips and pantyhose. Pantyhose were a miracle in themselves in that they combined stockings and a panty into one garment. Garter belts were no longer needed to hold up stockings, which added to the overall comfort of women's lingerie.

Now lingerie can be delicate, sensual and help spice up your life, giving you a number of styles and types to choose from. Now corsets and girdles can be made for appeal rather than binding and tightening and can also come in all colors and designs. A bustier is a strapless bra that has garter straps attached at the waist and can be made of fabrics such as silk or satin.

The teddy, one of the most popular types of women's lingerie, is a short nightgown that falls just above the upper thigh and can be made of a variety of sheer or silky materials. Teddy's also usually come with a matching pair of panties to complete the look.

A chemise is another common piece of lingerie and features a straight-cut with the gown falling just above the knee. A chemise is usually made of a very light material and has spaghetti straps. A longer gown, the peignoir, reaches to the ankle and often comes with a robe of a similar design.

Women's lingerie and undergarments have evolved into a huge industry that's ever-changing and always offering something new and exciting. There are so many options for women to discover, and with everything from sexy to seasonal or comfy to cutesy, there's a type of lingerie for any woman.

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