Corset Size

Corset Size

Full-figure Lingerie Provides Sensuality For All Women by

The plus size women shouldn't wear lingerie - it just isn't done! Well, why not? Why is it that American society sees only the young and thin as being beautiful? Lingerie is available to arouse the senses and create confidence and romance both in the mind of the person wearing it and the one for whom she is wearing it for. There shouldn't be an unspoken rule that says, "only the thin girls need apply." Full-figure lingerie is designed to enhance the strengths of larger women, while downplaying any potential weaknesses.

The Plus Size Babydoll

If there's one must-have lingerie piece for the plus size woman, it is the babydoll. Because curvaceous women generally have ample size breasts to fill out the top, this erotic piece can be cut lower to draw attention to those assets. At the same time, it is designed to draw attention away from the tummy area that you may not want to be the focal point. Also, a plus size babydoll is usually long enough so that it often fully covers the hips, but not much more. Now, add a little slit to one side that allows those matching panties to peek through, and suddenly, you are transformed into a stunningly sensual vision.

The Full-Figure Corset

Another essential addition to the full-figure lingerie collection is the waist whittling, breast enhancing, and thoroughly erotic corset. When worn under clothing, this little wonder will make your curves even more enticing. When worn alone, a corset can transform that special moment into an exotic adventure, because with its bones, laces and satin, it is the image of traditional feminine sensuality.

The Silk Gown

Every full-figure lingerie collection should include at least one silk gown. This is, of course, true for any lingerie collection. When the flowing nature of the material is considered, the shimmer it creates on the skin of the wearer, and the erotic feeling of the fabric, it is hard to imagine why any woman would not want to own at least one of these sexy gowns. For more curvaceous ladies, the silk gown may be cut a little bit lower to accentuate her breasts, which adds a touch of erotic flair to an already sense-electrifying fabric.

While the baby doll, corset and silk gown are only a few of the choices available in the plus size lingerie line, they are three of the most important garments to own. Other choices include matching bra and panty sets, peignoir sets, camisoles, chemises, panties, garters, and cinchers. The key to choosing the best full figure lingerie is to know your strengths and weakness and always choose those items that make you feel the most comfortable. In addition to that, just remember that ALL women, no matter what their size, should be able to enjoy wearing lingerie.

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