Dress Sexy

Dress Sexy

Tempt With The Exotic by sex shop

Exotic lingerie makes you feel sizzling hot in the bedroom and confident under clothes worn to work. Define your exotic style and get lingerie that is out of your norm. The result will be something deliciously different than what you are used to.

Intrigue yourself and your partner as you get exotic lingerie. Define exotic as anything that is adventurous or excitingly unfamiliar to you and build your collection from there. Everyone has an individual idea of what they consider daring.

Acknowledge that what is vanilla to some might be exotic to you. Maybe your sexiest getup is currently a pair of lace panties. A babydoll or lace-up corset would be exotic for you. On the other hand, if you're into kinky sex, even leather and PVC lingerie might be too bland. Don't let this interfere with your choices. There are lots of options for exotic lingerie!

Tempt your partner with club wear or exotic dance wear. Get some 6-inch high stripper shoes and a strappy halter dress. Then do a sultry dance or strip tease for your partner as an entertaining diversion.

Playing dress-up is for grownups too! Lots of women like to play naughty nurse (or sweet nurse) or sexy circus ringmaster. Costumes range from trashy police officer to exotic military figure, from devil to angel, harem girl or belly dancer.

Get exotic lingerie based on your hobbies or your partner's. Any sports fan would enjoy his sweetie wearing a sexy cheerleader dress or racecar driver costume.

Accessorize to complete your look. Add gloves, a mask, an exotic wig, a hat or shoes as necessary. Feel free to use lingerie tape, breast enhancers or platform shoes.

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