Dress Stocking Garter

Dress Stocking Garter

Smooth and Sexy by lindabate

No one really knows why men like to look at women wearing beautiful lingerie. What is it about some small pieces of lace or satin that gets men all a 'gaga' and makes them do some strange and weird things? Anyone would think that seeing a woman naked would be the way to go, but no! The majority of men would much prefer to have their woman wear something a little less revealing.

Some men questioned said that it was the promise of something else that was going to be revealed. Others said that the knowledge that what lay beneath was for their eyes only was the key to getting, and keeping, a man's interest.

Indeed, in some cultures, some women even cover their hair because that is deemed to be a woman's crowning glory and should only be revealed for her husband. While in others, even the face is covered. Either completely, with just a net for the woman to see through, or by a covering leaving only small slits for the eyes. In the western world this is somewhat frowned upon, and it deems that the woman's rights are somehow being trampled over. But this is not so far removed from the lingerie theme spoken of earlier.

Although most western women would not cover themselves from head to toe so that only their significant other will see what is underneath, the art of dressing seductively sometime decrees a covering of the most voluptuous parts of the body to entice and tease the man. Indeed, some men would prefer to see their women in long, negligee style lingerie that promises something more in the boudoir!

Of course, lingerie means many things to many people. To some it is the heart stopping sexy kind that is advertised all over the internet. To others, it is the classy and satin style beloved of the movie stars of old. The idea is that the interest of the other party should be piqued enough for him to do something about it!

Women too are now wearing exotic lingerie just for themselves. Those who have to wear staid and stern looking power suits to the office will often wear something a little less staid beneath the pinstripes. That feeling of having something hidden that no one else will see is enough to keep them feeling feminine without detracting from their powerful jobs. Also, it just feels good to wear something feminine and pretty!

Although styles are always evolving, there are still some firm favorites that never seem to go out of fashion. Black stockings and garter belts seem always to be de rigueur for those who want a bit of old fashioned nostalgia. But for the modern miss (or should that be ms?) the trend for other, slightly different lingerie is growing.

These days, women are far more likely to be wearing no stockings at all. Tights, and everything associated with them are a big turn off for men. But for the ladies they are far more comfortable than the stockings and suspenders. However, somewhere in the middle a compromise was found. With the advent of new materials, 'hold up' stockings came along. Now these give the same effect of the old fashioned stockings, but without the necessity for the garter belt to hold them up. This has made life so much easier for a lot of women and they are actually healthier to wear than tights too.

With hold up stockings, a woman can literally go a little wild on the underwear front. Thongs can now be worn without the necessity of wearing that rather uncomfortable garter belt over the top. It gives the whole look a much more sleek appearance and when the wearer is feeling confident, it shows!
Of course, without the garter belt, silhouettes are far smoother too. No more bumps where the buttons hook the stocking or slight 'muffin tops' where the belt is a little too tight. Today's outline is meant to be smooth and sexy and women everywhere are taking this up with abandon.

Lingerie is ever evolving and another new innovation in knitted lace really let the designers go to town with new styles. 'Boy shorts' were the newest craze some time back and these lacy little numbers are still going strong. They look like a miniature version of men's boxer shorts but are made in a soft and sexy see through lace. They literally fit like a glove and many women love that they do not show a panty line beneath tight clothes.

But for those all out nights of seduction and sexiness, women love to dress in something exotic and different. When this was not available years ago, women would invent such oddities as the saran wrap dress. Meeting their husband at the door wrapped in saran wrap was thought to be the epitome of sex in the suburbs. But these days, anything that a woman wants to wear, or her man wants her to wear, is available on the internet.

Men are also not left out of the lingerie trade. Underwear in more exotic cloths and finishes are here and many women actually buy them for their men to wear. Men do tend to get a little self conscious about wearing anything out of the ordinary, but they are catching up. It doesn't go as far as stockings and suspenders, of course, but the man should also be beautifully presented for his woman.

Online shopping means that even the most over the top outfits can be bought with complete discretion and will only be seen by those who are supposed to see it. This has made people far more daring in their choice of lingerie and the industry has taken off. No more lingering around shop fronts waiting to get the courage up to go in and browse, and no more shop assistants to face when a husband wants to get something a little naughty. Surely, the advent of internet shopping must have done the lingerie industry the world of good.

negligee style lingerie that promises something more in the boudoir! This has made people far more daring in their choice of lingerie and the industry has taken off.

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