Dress String Stocking

Dress String Stocking

Teach you how to dress with a hat a good mood by nike air max

Want to leave a good impression on the other side, of course, first from the "head" start to dress! In the late autumn early winter when a beautiful hat can not only warm, but also to enhance the qualities essential for an instant a single product. Come see how beautiful dress with hat mood! Ear function of the same color has a stocking cap, so delicate little face shining in the winter charm. Come like the MM it to your wardrobe collection it ~ ~ ~

Bright colors to dress up a whole winter it! Winter, we often use plain dress, even a plain, as long as casual wear purple hat, you can immediately prominent in the crowd. Winter, Office Lady, or house, whether women, the closet is always necessary variety of hats, caps are no longer merely as a tool for keeping warm, and now more and more of the MM are different types of hat with different styles of clothes. Come with one of their own hat, and let you become the focus of beauty!

A black retro princess hat + ladies skirt, reminiscent of the 80s television show of the princess image, lotus leaf collar designed to make women have a modern feel, the perfect combination of retro and modern aristocratic show you. Little silver hat, to bring the whole dress with a neutral style and feeling weak all of a sudden it becomes tough, matched with gray boots, neutral feel so full build out.

With summer approaching, retailers have introduced new trend of clothing and a few months before a single product minor modifications. Using the same materials and see the outline of a hat is still everywhere, including the summer favorite single product - flat hard hat. Jewelry necklace is still ranked a single product, multi-string-style necklace, tassel style multi-storey waterfall down the new Pearl Design Chain and turn around the major stores. Flower trend is still printing hats, hair bands and jewelry flagship.

As a major trend in New York, flower deal extends apparel design, colorful printing and design re-design of the parts. Powder wax color with bright colors main colors. Fixed make jewelry bracelet part, to create three-dimensional feeling, the same who use scarves sandals above. Popular this summer, the main flowers: daisies and roses.

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