Hot Black Lingerie

Hot Black Lingerie

Planning That Perfect Trip With Lingerie by Victor Epand

If you are getting ready to go on vacation, whether it is on a cruise or to the beach, then it does not matter exactly where you are going as long as you are sure to pack the basic essentials such as the right lingerie.

It does not really matter where you are going as long as you pack the basic essentials, and I do not mean shampoo, deodorant, and a tooth brush. I am talking about the real essentials like lingerie, which will make that real special time for the both of you. Vacations are a time to experience new things, try new foods, and possibly try new things in the romance department as well. Do not leave town on your next vacation until you have made sure that suitcase is full of surprises for both of you, because sometimes we get in a rut due to work, kids, financial, and other commitments that we often ignore our spouse. So, you next vacation is an opportunity for you to relight that fire of romance and be spontaneous.

As far as lingerie goes, what have you got to lose by trying a pair of sheer panties in black or even a pair of crotchless panties worn under your mini skirt? You may want to try to be naughty and when you do, you may just decide that you really enjoy yourself. You can always go back to normal when you get back home, but some sheer panties or crotchless panties does increase your chance of flashing some innocent stranger, and the rush may be what your relationship needs. Being naughty can be exhilarating and exciting, but the risk of being caught adds to the attractant. A new pair of panties is always a sexy addition to a romantic getaway as they are inexpensive, always sexy, and go back home with you with the memories attached to them for the future.

As far as skirts go, you may want to try something a little out of your comfort zone as in a mini or micro mini skirt. If going bare legged is too risky, a pair of tights under that micro mini looks hot without the risk of revealing all your secrets. Try a body stocking under the mini skirt and again you achieve that sexy look and do not risk being arrested for indecent exposure. A sexy bra can enhance your cleavage with a shelf bra that pushes up the twins and exposes your nipples, and you can put it on under a blouse or sweater and he will surely notice and no one need know how naughty you are being.

What about a breast enhancer or butt enhancer? Have you ever wondered how you would look and feel with a bigger cup size, or even two bigger cup sizes? Why endure the risk, pain, and cost of breast enhancement when silicone breast enhancers can be purchased for less than sixty dollars. Simply slip them into your bra and you are instantly a 36C instead of a 34B. The great thing is that if you do not like the look, then just do not wear them again, although they will only enhance your look.

Butt enhancers are another great accessory that will make you look sexier and make you look like a booty dancer, plus they are a source of some amusement, but women with little or no assets find them a necessity. They will fill out your jeans or skirt, and they are put on just like your panties and they are undetectable. Body jewelry is an accessory that adds a little bit of risque and naughty without the permanence. Nipple jewels are adhered to the breast with adhesive on the jewel and these nipple jewels are extremely popular as they can be worn again and can come in a variety of styles and colors, and show off those spectacular breasts.

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