Hot Lingerie Dress

Hot Lingerie Dress

What Not To Wear Anyway? Exotic Lingerie by Phoenix Delray

With the evolution of womens undergarments to exotic lingerie, Darwin would be proud (or embarrassed) to learn that he was not the inspiration for this adaptation process. Credit former New York City Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia for the law requiring women wear thong underwear! Well, actually, not exactly as all the mayor did in 1939 is insist that the citys nude exotic dancers wear something, the bare minimum became acceptable. Leave it to exotic dancers again to once again dictate the fashion styles of todays times.

Thanks to 1980s stars like Madonna, underwear as outwear skyrocketed as lingerie came out from behind the curtains to the world stage. French refer to designs doubling as outerwear to be dessous dessus which means inner as outer wear. Frou Frou, a term for show it off depicts lingerie as an accessory instead of underwear in that the expectation that straps and lace trim be layered as part of clothing worn on the outside. With European styles setting trends for the rest of the world, its no wonder womens undergarments have undergone a revolution of sorts.

No longer worn to hide, restrict or mitigate feminine features, pieces like corsets, bras, and bustiers are designed to accent, feature, and even garnish a womans natural curves. Fishnet or mesh fabric designs for a chemise allow a peak thru the curtains of what once used to be for the boudoir only. Many models are sheer or see thru, but others have area of missing fabric by design.

Halloween isnt so scary anymore as many costumes and lingerie are interchangeable. Halloween, long billed to be the day to dress in horror has now change spellings to be the day dressed in whore by some religious groups in that Halloween is now a permission slip for women to dress provocatively without judgement. Taking artistic license on many themes, you can now expect women to be dressed in military uniforms, athletic uniforms, police uniform, and even the British Beefeater guise with one catch these uniforms would surely get the bearer (or is that bare er) fired or punished for sporting such pared down outfits.

Cop outfits that feature the handcuffs and midriff baring tops, navy sailor with a v neck halter top tied in the front, a football uniform or Army private in boy shorts just wouldnt make the cut unless you were trying out for lingerie bowl. Although a Marine Corps Jumpsuit, err I mean catsuit may not be regulation, it will qualify the model as a Major Hottie pulling rank.

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