Hot Sexy Lingerie

Hot Sexy Lingerie

Sarah Palin’s Shocking Sexy Lingerie Unveiled!

Hey, fans and supporters of Sarah Palin. We found out that she picked up something very sassy last week! All knows that she is infatuated with sexy lingerie by famous designers, so we shouldn’t have been surprised that the former Alaskan governor scheduled some serious free-shopping time during her Oscar-week trip to Los Angeles. However, we were surprised to find out Ms. Palin’s taste for very, very hot lingerie that definitely surpassed our expectation.

After visiting the Silver Spoon Red Cross For Haiti gifting suite in West Hollywood, she dropped into a store specializing in lingerie by designer Jenna and picked out a “Deep V-Neck Ruffles Trim Intimate Lingerie Chemise” (see the same one from milanoo pictured to the right). Some on line sexy lingerie stores have it. Personally, I thought it just fitted her perfectly and could add plenty of charm to her. With a slit down to there, all of us began to be envious of Sarah’s honey Todd because we were sure he was going to be more than happy in the following several nights.

That was obviously not the end of Sarah Palin’s shopping plan since she didn’t stop there. When she finished talking with an entourage in the crowd of journalists and a team of Secret Service men, she was ready to shop again! “Her security swept the venue and would not allow photos of her browsing or with any of the products,” a spy tells journalists from “She came in about eleven in the morning with tons of handlers and practically cleaned out the suite! She insisted every person in her huge entourage get something, and there were assistants, nannies, security – I just wondered whether or not she has made a full budget?”of course she did, they are discount sexy lingerie
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About 30 minutes later, Sarah went out and looked like a lipstick-wearing bandit. Let’s see what she picked up this time- a set of spot remove cleansing foam and a pair of foam Bandal sandals to match the animal print jacket she was wearing. As the Los Angeles Times’ “Ministry of Gossip” column reported, her children Willow and Piper jumped at the chance to get a blowout from Chris MacMillan, one of the Hollywood hairstylists after learning he was Jennifer Aniston’s mane man.

However, before you begin to think that Sarah spent taxpayer’s money like water, please wait a bit and look at this: On her way out of the suite, she dropped a cool $2000 into the American Red Cross’ donation bucket in the opposite of the street, shocking the volunteers as she said with a sweet smile, “Whatever I can do.”

Sarah, we appreciate that and love you. Go your own way and never draw back!

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