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Hot Sexy String

Best Sexy Clothes Shopping by sal

Great Glam specializes in sexy clothes. People often look at some of the clothing on the site and think the clothes are cute but they wonder how to wear them. There is definitely an art to dressing sexy. Here are a few tips:
1. Its good not to overdo it.
If you are already wearing a very short sexy dress to the club then skip heavy makeup or major hair or extra high heels.
2 Its important to be confident in your clothes
If you have a feature that you are not confident about then don’t highlight that feature with your outfit instead dress strategically to show off areas you prefer. When you are wearing an outfit that you are uncomfortable I even if the dress or shirt is cute your lack of confidence will ruin the look. For example some women feel their tummy areas are a problem area but like their cleavage. Easy solution: wear a dress or top that is loose at the tummy but low cut to highlight the area you like. If you don’t particularly love your cleavage but have amazing legs wear a higher neckline and a short dress that will show off your legs.
3. You need to feel comfortable.
Even if the outfit looks cute if you are self conscious and spend the whole evening pulling your dress up at the bust or tugging down at the skirt the dress won’t look cute if you are fidgeting all night. We all have different points at which we feel comfortable †for some it’s a dress shorter than 12 inches for others it’s a g string- either way know your own comfort zone and stay within it. If you want to try to venture out take baby steps maybe a dress that’s slightly shorter than your usual attire. Don’t go straight from knee length skirts to booty shorts. Don’t be afraid to work your way in by layering. Maybe that dress is too revealing for you but you can easily turn that low cut dress into a jumper by adding a cute coordinated shirt underneath or pair those booty shorts with opaque stockings.
4. Color is key.
Know which ones you look good in. Also the old adage is true black looks good on everyone but be sure to add a splash of color here and there. Some colors don’t work o some people and it’s not just an issue of skin tone. Some redheads look amazing in red- others don’t. If you aren’t sure ask a very honest friend or frienemy they will let you know.
5. Location, Location, Location
A term often used in real estate applies here as well. The low cut top and short skirt that looks hot at the club probably isn’t right for that baby shower or graduation. If you have to ask yourself â€Is this too revealing for this event?†the answer is probably â€Yes!â€
6. Shoes are the icing on the outfit cake.
Once you have that perfect top dress or skirt you have to find the perfect shoe. High heels always add appeal and let’s be honest- nothing will make your legs look better. However don’t get heels so high that you can’t walk. Work your way up to the ultra high or try an easier to walk in heel like a wedge or a heel with a platform. Both wedges and platforms feel about two inches shorter than they really are. And this is really important test run your shoes at home. You do to want to be the only girl in the club sitting when your song comes on because your feet are hurting. Wear the shoes in your home for at least two hours. If your feet start to hurt within that time frame you have two choices. You can make the shoes what we call â€Dinner and a movie shoes†meaning you wear them only in situations where there will be minimal walking. Or you can try a variety of shoe pads which are easily available at the local drug store and see if you can improve the fit.
7. What is underneath can make or break the outfit
Finally once you have the clubwear figured out you need to make sure that you have the right under glam. Skin tone undergarments are usually best. Some of us can go braless but some of us can’t if you fall into the latter category it doesn’t mean that you can’t wear all the styles you just need the right bra. The V bra is amazing for plunging necklines and low backs; the reveal bra works for backless styles. You’ll find a ton of other great bra alternatives in the Great Glam store. Also even if you are braless to avoid blinding everyone with your high beams when wearing sheer tops use dimrs- silicone nipple covers. Please don’t be a victim of VPL- visible panty lines. A skin tone g string works with almost anything but make sure it does not cut into your waist and give you the dreaded muffin top
Try it out! Everyone’s got a little glam in them and with more than 2500 great styles on the site you are guaranteed to find the perfect outfit for you.

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