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Dating Profile: Dos And Don’ts by Match Maker

When you decide to go online for a date, the first thing that you’ll have to do is create a nice dating profile for yourself. On the web your profile is your face, and you’ll be judged by it. So, make sure that you make a good one or risk losing out on the opportunity to find the perfect date online. Many people who opt for online dating don’t bother about their dating profile. But if they do, they’ll be easily indexed by online dating service providers, thus, increasing their chances of finding love online.

Creating an attractive dating profile is almost like â€selling†your profile. It should be so good that people should remember it and come back to it again and again. Try to avoid the following common mistakes that can ruin your image online:

â€Don’t talk about your ex-spouse or partner in your profile. It will put off any person who could have been interested in you. Talking about your past relationships in your dating profile is not desirable. Let go of the past when you are starting afresh.

â€Don’t let any traumatic experience that you have had in the past reflect on your profile. Nobody wants to date those who are bogged down with their past. Happy faces are loved everywhere.

â€If your dating profile has spelling or grammatical errors, you’ll lose out on many potential dates as they’ll think of you as careless. Typo errors make a bad impression.

â€Don’t use photographs in your dating profile that try to cut out other users of the dating website.

â€If your profile picture is a group photograph then people will find it tough to identify which one is you, and this can put them off.

â€Choose the correct gender preference or you could actually end up being a laughing stock instead of the desirable guy or gal.

Now that you know what not to do while creating an online dating profile, read on to know about the â€Do’s†for all dating profiles:

â€According to a Wall Street Journal report, 30% of the dating profiles on the Net don’t have photographs. First impression is the last impression. So, start out with a great photograph. It improves your chances of getting a date by attracting the right person.

â€When on the web, words count! Try to describe yourself as vividly as possible. Make your character come live in front of the readers. Your chances of getting a date will depend on the type of character you portray on your dating profile.

â€Don’t be shy. Put your best foot forward. If you write all about your negative points in trying to be too honest, you may actually lose some potential dates. Mention in your profile why you are a good date. If there’s at all any bad side, it can discovered later by the person after he/ she gets to know you better.

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