Lace Sleepwear

Lace Sleepwear

How To Choose The Best Sleepwear by

Choosing the best sleepwear is easier than choosing your new lingerie. Well, it could be if you consider a few things in advance.

Best sleepwear for special occasions

First it depends on your personal needs and the occasion. Yes, there could be an occasion and I think you know what I mean. Do not get me wrong, you will sleep no matter what the occasion, but for example if you are a nursing mother you will be interested in the maternity sleepwear.

And if you plan to have your partner spend the night with you at your place, then you will definitely need a sexy silk or satin sleepwear. For you ladies I recommend a luxurious lace or silk chemise, combined with lovely matching robe. And for you boys - a silk pajama will do just perfect.

A few more ideas on how to choose the perfect sleepwear for you girls are long night gown and wrap sets. They can make every man's imagination go crazy. And of course I just can not miss to mention the gorgeous bridal sleepwear models.

Bridal chemises, robes, wraps and gowns are designed in unique, hot and very sexy shapes and styles. They are all made of delicate soft silk, sheer tulle, mesh and satin. How much you want to make your Honeymoon unforgettable - it is up to you ladies whether you choose short or long bridal sleepwear.

Comfortable sleepwear for any occasion

The second most important thing for you to choose the best sleepwear is to pick out a sleepwear that makes you feel comfortable and sleep like a baby. In this case I heartily recommend you a classic short, long or sleeveless cotton or silk pajama set.

If you are a new mom, I can recommend you some great maternity sleepwear made of cotton and stretchy materials. You can choose between comfortable cotton nighties, nursing tank tops and pajama sets in all sizes, styles and colors.

What is the best sleepwear size for you?

Remember, it is important to choose your new sleepwear style first, and then check its brand. You need to do this because almost each sleepwear brand offers its own sizing. Even if you know your standard USA Dress size, you need to check this particular sleepwear brand's size chart.

I will give you an example:

If you wear size 8 and you choose some beautiful sexy sleepwear of brand X, then check brand X size chart and see your size 8 corresponds to S, then you should purchase size S.

But imagine if you choose another sleepwear style of brand Y, check the brand Y size chart and see your size 8 corresponds to M, then you should pick size M. It is very simple and keeps you from buying wrong size sleepwear.

Now, decide what sleepwear you need and visit the sexy sleepwear section of our site. For more best fitting sleepwear advices you can also visit our blog at

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