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Top 10 Craziest Lady Gaga Costume Ideas 2010 II

Lady Gaga costume ideas are always amazing and sexy. You have seen 5
Lady Gaga costume ideas
. Like it? Shocking? Here are the other 5 craziest Lady Gaga costume ideas.

There really isn't too much to this costume. You will need a fancy black lace bra, Yankee button-down Jersey top, black boy cut shorts instead of underwear, black fishnet stockings, black sunglasses, hair slicked back, black high heel boots, and a red crimson color lipstick with a pale porcelain looking face.

To get a closer look at this outfit idea, click here. In the picture, Lady Gaga has the shirt opened all the way down to her tummy area. If you feel uncomfortable about exposing a black bra, wear a black bathing suit top or even a halter will work.

You will need:

A silver asymmetrical bodysuit

Black fabric (To make a Star)

Big black sunglasses

One black glove

Funky black stockings

Straight platinum blonde Gaga wig

Black heel ankle boots

Glossy pink lips

Big bow in hair

Now if you can not find the metallic silver asymmetrical bodysuit, opt for a silver teddy dress, a exotic strip club bodysuit, or metallic silver leotard.

●6. Pokerface Adult Halloween Costume Kit
- Craziest Lady Gaga Costume Ideas 2010

Let's say you have a couple of out-of-this-world items in your closet that you are raring to find a use for. This Halloween is the time for using it, but if you really want to look like Lady Gaga, why not shell out a little for this costume kit? It includes the statement platinum blonde wig, black elbow-high gloves, and long false eyelashes to complete the costume. You can also purchase the officially licensed platinum blonde bow.

●7. Short Dresses or Tight Pants
- Craziest Lady Gaga Costume Ideas 2010

Lady Gaga loves a great mini dress, but if she goes pants, she goes tight pants. Over the top. Go all the way. Don't just go fashion. Everything is help snugly in place - Lady Gaga's outfits are fit. There is not a lot of draping involved in them. Shiny! Latex/Sparkle/Rubber/Glitter/Wet look - Lady Gaga loves shiny. The cat suit style of tight and latex is great. Patent Leather! Sequins! Silver! Crystals!

●8. VMA Performance Outfit
- Craziest Lady Gaga Costume Ideas 2010

Only Lady Gaga could convince her producers to let her spurt blood in her own show. Her 2009 performance at the MTV Video Music Awards was certainly something to remember, along with her jewel adorned white halter top and knee-high boots attached to black mesh stockings. This memorable outfit now comes as a costume kit, along with the infamous lace eye mask. You can also purchase her curly blonde bob to complete the look.

●9. Sexy
- Craziest Lady Gaga Costume Ideas 2010

don't be shy or subtle. Put it out there. Black, Silver, Red, White, Gold, Blue, Yellow. Accessories! Biker gloves, Infinity scarves (worn over the head), Big chunky sunglasses, Disco sticks, ...

●10. Swimsuit
- Craziest Lady Gaga Costume Ideas 2010

This full outfit was the one she used in the music video of Telephone, which also featured bootilicious Beyonce. The swimsuit is vibrant blue and has diamond-shaped cutouts on the side. The neckline, of course, plunges low and the shoulders are structured for a more futuristic feel. This set doesn't come with other accessories, though, but you can buy them separately.

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