Lingerie Babydoll String

Lingerie Babydoll String

Santas Little Ho Ho Ho by Shayla Moore

The holidays are approaching faster than ever this year. In fact, some people are already getting into the holiday spirit, which also means romance. If you are looking for a way to bring excitement to your love life and want to entice your man like you haven't in ages then why not consider a naughty fashion show? Men love looking at lingerie as much as women love wearing it. It's a win-win situation where you can prance around in your scantily clad outfits and end up being rewarded with a hot and passionate lovemaking session.

As you setup your evening for this naughty lingerie fashion show you should choose items to wear that you know he has never seen before. This will excite him even more because each look will be brand new. You can model things he would have never expected to see you in or things that you bought knowing how much he would love them. Of course, don't forget a few favorites just for yourself.

When it comes to lingerie, there are plenty of choices to be made so you will have numerous options for a naughty fashion show. Below we will discuss some of the most popular options to make your fashion show a success.

If you are not planning to announce this holiday fashion show you may want to start with the first pieces of lingerie hidden under your clothing. Consider wearing a sexy dress or a dazzling outfit that forms to your body in all the right places. Sit him down and perform a naughty little strip tease for him before you actually get into the fashion show. Once you peel off your sexy clothing he will see what is hiding underneath and get a taste of what is to come for the evening.

The Teddy
If you want to make an impression you could start your fashion show wearing a teddy. Teddies are truly excellent pieces of lingerie. These one-piece suits come in a variety of material from satin to lace and even leather. Choose a color that you feel most comfortable in and a material that feels good against your skin. As you peel off your clothing you will begin to reveal the teddy and things will continue to get interesting from there.

The Corset
As you go and change, consider making use of a sexy corset during your naughty fashion show. Men love corsets because they have a way of showing off a woman's body unlike any other piece of clothing. You can find corsets in leather or silk primarily though there are other fabrics available, as well. You could easily perform for him in just the corset if you really wanted to be naughty.

You could also add some stockings and heels to accentuate the outfit. If you prefer to add something to cover up your lower regions, consider adding a g-string or some sexy panties. Those will work fine and give him an excellent view of your long legs and firm bottom.

The Babydoll
No naughty Christmas fashion show would be complete without including a babydoll nightgown. These gowns are incredibly short and sexy. They definitely work well with sassy women who like to tease. You can prance around; letting your gown peek up to show him you aren't wearing any panties, or if you are you can show him those instead.

As Christmas is approaching you can often find Christmas themed lingerie as well. Babydolls are often good for themes like this. It is not uncommon to find red velvet babydoll nightgowns with white trim during the holidays. All you would need is a Santa hat and you would be Ho! Ho! Ho-ing, all the way to bed to finish your show with a sexy round of lovemaking.

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