Lingerie Belt

Lingerie Belt

Functions of Pregnancy Support Band and Belt

You walk into a maternity boutique and see pieces of garments hanging on mannequins. They are neither lingerie nor undergarment. You see a brassiere, albeit its size is beyond the normal 36D cup. There are elastic belts and colored bands. You wonder what kind of inner wear they are, so you ask the sales assistant. She promptly answers that they are undergarments for pregnant women.

Pregnancy support bands and belts are functional innerwear for pregnant women. They are used to support the chest, abdomen, and back. During pregnancy, women experience pain on the pelvic area and groin. This is because the body excretes relaxin, a hormone the calms down ligaments and muscles on the pelvis and causes the pelvic muscles to move about freely during body movement, causing pain. In most cases, the pelvic area finds it difficult to carry the heavy weight on the abdomen. When this happens, the muscles swell, resulting in body pain.

Studies show that 50% of women experience body pain during pregnancy, 8% of whom feel severe body pain. There are even instances when maternity body pain results in incapacity. Pregnancy support bands and belts prevent incapacitation and lessen body pain. They provide support to the entire body structure. When can you use maternity belts and bands?

Ideally, pregnancy support bands are worn in the beginning of the first trimester of pregnancy. At this point, the belly begins to expand. Your clothes start to fit more snugly on your body. Likewise, your protruding belly starts to show between your blouse and skirt or pants. A
pregnancy support band
covers your belly, allowing you to wear pre-maternity clothes. It looks like tube tops layered underneath cardigans and shirts.

Moreover, a
pregnancy support band
enables you to wear pre-maternity jeans. Sometimes, jeans fit the thighs and legs, but it cannot be buttoned or zipped up anymore because of big belly size. Support bands hold the jeans snugly on your waist without you having to button or zip them up. They hold up the jeans like ordinary belts.

pregnancy support belt
can be used not only during pregnancy but also during postpartum recovery. You can use it to cover the belly when nursing your newborn baby. By wearing support bands, you can discreetly nurse your infant at home.

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