Lingerie Black Lace

Lingerie Black Lace

A Boyfriend's Guide to Lingerie Shopping by Philip Nicosia

Shopping for lingerie for your girlfriend? That's very sweet...and very brave. Many men are overwhelmed when they visit a lingerie store (sometimes even embarrassed). All those wisps of lace, in such a variety of shapes and sizes, can be very confusing. Here are a few suggestions.

First of all, remember you are shopping for her, not for you. You may have an ongoing fantasy of seeing her in a thong or see-through lace, but if she's uncomfortable by the thought of baring her butt, then your gift will end up at the back of her underwear drawer. Worse, she may even be offended by your choice, and think that you're trying to force her to act out whatever you saw from your hidden stash of girlie magazines. So think about what she usually buys for herselfand don't veer too away from it in terms of amount of coverage or even material. Some women hate lace. Some women won't wear anything else.

Second of all, consider her body shape. You may think she's perfect, but she's probably got her own self-image issues. Don't force her to wear anything that will emphasize a body part that she's particularly insecure about. Instead, think about her strongest and best feature, and ask the sales lady which items will flatter those best.

For example, if she's got nice legs but is anxious about her tummy flab, ask for a baby doll cut or a short chemise. If she's got amazing cleavage, emphasize it with a halter cut or a bustier (that's the cut that pushes up the breasts, in case you're wondering). Has she been spending extra hours at the gym to tone her arms? Show them off with a camisole.

Don't be afraid to experiment with prints, though. Most women don't mind wearing something in bold colors or wild patterns, as long as the fit is good. While men will usually veer towards animal prints or sexy hues of red and black, also look for fun" designs like cherries (no jokes, please), kittens (again, no jokes), clouds, even teddy bears.

As a rule of thumb, bold geometric shapes don't flatter women with wide waists, so if she's a little worried about her flab, look for those that concentrate the detail near the chest area.

Also consider her hair color. Pastels really complement blondes, while rich jewel colors like emerald or violet are best worn by brunettes. Greens, blues and autumn colors like brown and cream look really beautiful on those with red hair.

You should also consider her comfort. Some lingerie can feel itchy and constricting. Touch the garment. If you like the way it feels, she'll love wearing it. Try observing the material of her other clothes. Does she have several velvet pieces? Then velvet it is. Silk and satin also are universally loved because of how cool and soft they feel against the skin.

Lingerie doesn't have to always have the sex-goddess. Shop for cute tank tops in comfortable fabrics like flannel and cotton. They're great for lounging around and cuddling on the couch.

So you know you have the right size, steal an item from her own underwear drawer and bring it to the store. is an online resource centre covering many topics including shopping and lingerie.

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