Lingerie Black Teddy

Lingerie Black Teddy

Make The Most Out of Your Hosiery by Phoenix Delray

The first thing to keep in mind when it comes to making the most out of your hosiery collection is the need to update your collection regularly. Stockings and hose that contain runs, snags, and other signs of wear just are not as flattering or functional anymore, and with so many different styles and types of hosiery to choose from, it just does not make sense to keep on wearing the same old worn out pair.

When you are updating your inventory, take an honest approach when it comes to your true height and weight, since squeezing into too tight clothes just is not flattering for anyone, and conversely, the tent look is never a good one for lingerie.

Do n0t be afraid to be adventurous, either, when it comes to picking new styles. Try some textures, patterns, lace, or fish net, as well as other colors besides basic black. Remember that monochromatic dressing can help you appear slimmer, so if you have a turquoise teddy, why not try a turquoise garter and some turquoise stockings too?

The only color that this really does not work well with, other than possibly beige, is red, since too much makes you look either like a fire hydrant or a fire engine neither of which are particularly flattering looks. A red dress offset by neutrally colored hose and shoes, however, is a classic and timeless look. And one more color tip unless you are a nurse or a bride, or you are dressing up like a sexy nurse or bride, stay away from white stockings.

When it comes to leaving the bedroom behind, you should leave your dramatically colored hosiery there as well. In a business or professional environment, hosiery should be very sheer, and in the case of two-toned dress shoes, your hose should match the lighter color, rather than the darker color of your shoes. Since accidents happen, its good to always have a spare pair of hose on hand, and remember to wash all hosiery, especially silk stockings separately and never machine dry them.

Getting the most out of your hosiery is all about proper rotation, style variety, and proper care. If you have not done so already, purchase a lightweight garment bag to place your hose and stockings in when you do not have time to wash them by hand. Just remember to only wash them on a cold water setting. Examine your hosiery periodically for snags and tears, and remember, ripped and faded stockings just means that you have an excuse to buy new ones.

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