Lingerie Corset Garter

Lingerie Corset Garter

I want to Know How to Buy a Sexy Corset by writeragain

Whilst corsets have come back into vogue over the last 3 years, corsets are not necessarily the easiest thing to buy. I am referring of course to a real, traditional corset and not just one of those tops with the corset name that everyone is wearing just about everywhere. A corset is designed to give you an hourglass shape, it should trim your waist line and improve your posture all at the same time. Corsets can in fact improve the way you feel and many women wear them simply because they fell and look great, knowing that everything is pulled in tight and some use it specifically for waist training.

Many brides are great fans of the corset and it is amazing to see the number of brides wearing a corset or corset dress.

An authentic corset will hold its shape over years and be durable offering you sensuality as well as being very functional. They key to all corsets are the Quality materials and the reinforced stitching that will ensure you that you will be wearing it for years to come.

Corsets are made and sold by waist size in increments of 2 inches, generally they range from size 18 to 40. An authentic corset is meant to be ordered four inches smaller than your waist measurement. It is very important that you ensure you take the correct measurements. You will need to take measurements around the absolute fullest part of your bust, smallest part of your waist and at the top of your hip bones. If you have measurements that are really out of the ordinary, than you can get a custom corset made just for you. Some corsets are also available with detachable suspenders for wearing stockings. Not all corsets will include this feature so if this is something you are interested in then make sure you are getting the proper one.

Keep in mind that corsets, like a pair of shoes, need a break in period. Do not try to pull your corset too tight at first or you can damage the eyelets. After a few wears you will be able to pull it as tight as you want. If you plan on wearing it often, you might want to think about wearing a chemise or a tube top under to protect it from constant perspiration. It is recommended to sprinkle powder on the torso and refrain from wearing lotions as they can cause staining of the fabric. Most authentic corsets will be dry clean only however, you will be able to spot clean it with a mild cloth. Never throw it in the washing machine and never attempt to use any type of detergent on it. You can end up altering the color. Be sure to care for your corset as thoughtfully as you picked it out. has a range of sexy lingerie sizes inc plus size lingerie, babydolls, corsets, clubwear, bras, bra and garter sets, underwear, sleepwear, lingerie accessories and costumes. By joining the Dreamy Lingerie Club you get 10% off your first lingerie purchases plus we offer 90 day Guarantee Exchanges and free shipping over $200.

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