Lingerie Dress Black

Lingerie Dress Black

Get the right gift - Buying lingerie, a man's guide by

Most women love beautiful designer lingerie but if your a man who wishes to buy something special for someone special sometimes selecting the right item can be very difficult. At Ansiti Lingerie we specialise in advising both men and women on how to select lingerie that fits well and looks great. Here's some advice for guys looking to buy something special.

To begin with make sure you know your hosiery from your basques. Hoisery is generally thought of as coverings for legs and feet and is sometimes reffered to as legwear. Hosiery comes in many forms but is generally tights, hold-ups, stockings and socks. If you intend to buy her stockings be sure to remember to order a suspender belt too. If it is a basque you are looking for then it is a garment worn that may cover the midsection and have a built in bra.

Do you know the bra and briefs size for the lucky lady you wish to treat? If not, don't give up just yet. You can always have a sneaky peak through her underwear drawer and check her sizes. Check the size of a bra that she wears quite often . A bra size will always be a number and a letter eg. 34C. Also check for the size of the knickers. If you have no chance of checking her undies drawer you can ask her friends, mum or daughter. They may not know but they will be able to find out more discreetly than you! If there is no way of finding out what size she is then don't give up there.

You can always buy her some nightwear or hosiery. These often come in dress size (eg. Size 10) or Small, Medium and Large. See a size guide for help with these sizes.

What should you choose?

Choose something that you think she will like but also something you like as well. Think about what sort of styles she likes. Does she wear a padded bra or underwired bras. Does she wear thongs, briefs or shorts? Try and buy her something that she would not necessarily buy for herself.

Black and red are classics but purples and pinks are also a popular alternative. Silk lingerie will also make her feel special. The whole package is important so treat her to the bra and knickers and also any other matching items that may be available such as camisoles or suspender belts and stockings. Also think about camisoles, baby dolls and corsets.

Still struggling?

- If you are really not sure why not ask for a wish list or buy gift vouchers.

Help is at hand

If you are struggling please feel free to e-mail or call Ansiti for advice. Here at Ansiti we are always available and happy to help with all your designer lingerie needs.

You can find more articles about lingerie at our website and also browse our range of hand picked designer lingerie.

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