Lingerie Panty

Lingerie Panty

Some Lingerie Buying Tips That Every Woman Should Be Aware Of by Gregg Hall

For a woman there is perhaps no greater pleasure than going shopping for lingerie. You get to choose sexy items that you may not usually get a chance to do. All women should feel that they can treat themselves occasionally to a set of sexy lingerie, and if you are the husband or significant other of a woman then you can make some huge brownie points by taking your lady shopping for sexy lingerie. Here are few pointers that can help make your shopping experience a positive one.

First off, have a great time when you are shopping have a great time and try on whatever you like to see if you like the way it looks on you. Don't be afraid to get some wilder colors and prints that you may not normally wear like maybe some crazy animal print! Get matching bra and panty sets with something cute like cherries emblazoned on them.

The lingerie you choose should also feel soft to your skin as well as to whoever it is that you want to touch it. Don't buy anything that doesn't feel good to you. The best fabrics for softness are satins and silks which not only look beautiful but feel great on your skin as well. You will want to avoid lace in areas that will touch tender and delicate body parts. If you like the look of lace just be sure that there is a soft satin or silk lining underneath.

Whatever lingerie you choose be comfortable in it and know how it makes you feel. You should feel sexy and attractive and it should accentuate areas you want to be accentuated and should cover areas that you do not want exposed. For example if you are self conscious about your bottom then maybe you should try a chemise or camisole instead of opting for garters and g-strings. If you are smaller up top and want to appear to have larger cleavage you can always get a niche corset or bustier to enhance what you have.

You should be aware of the best colors for you. Redheads look really good in brighter colors but look great in earthier tones as well. Brunettes will look very good in earth tones as well as bright reds and purples and the like. If you are blonde, you can wear almost anything in a pastel color and look amazing. Colors that bring out the color of your eyes are an added benefit.

Always recheck your size, if you haven't checked in a few years it is highly likely that your size has changed, especially bra sizes. Have one of the sales girls re-measure you and get your current correct size. This is crucial to finding the proper size lingerie for you that will give you the most enjoyment.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Beach, Florida. Find more about lingerie as well as buying lingerie at

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