Lingerie Sleepwear Pajamas

Lingerie Sleepwear Pajamas

What You Wear To Bed Is Reveling by Travis Artz

Clothing can express a lot about your sense of self. From the conservative and neat to the funky and flashy, clothing can speak volumes about the way you feel and present yourself to the world on any given day, but when you're at home and ready to go to bed things become a bit more personal.

Sure, what you wear to bed can vary based on where you are, the weather, whom you're with and other factors, but most of us have our favorite way to make sleeping the most comfortable. This personal choice in how we like to slumber can reveal a lot about who we are during the waking hours.

So, what do you wear to bed?

For many people to answer to that question is nothing. That's right, they like to sleep in the buff. After all, if you sleep in your birthday suit you never have to worry about any pesky clothing getting in the way of your slumber. You're free to toss and turn all night without fear of waking up with a wedgie.

There are downfalls to this freeness however. Just imagine if you were sleeping in the buff and there was a fire or someone broke into your abode. Would you be able to leap out of bed totally nude and feel confident enough to take on these kind of crises? Those types of fears and concerns are enough to keep some people up at night, so they cover up.

The ones who chose to risk it all and sleep in only their blankets tend to be free spirited and not afraid of exposure (meant both literally and metaphorically). They tend to be confident and comfortable in many aspects of their lives that extend beyond being naked in bed.

Many men and women choose unisex sleepwear.

For those of you that like to wear something to bed, there are many different choices. From footsie jammies to silk negliges, men's and women's sleepwear run the full gamut of personalities.

That's right, they actually make footsie jammies in adult sizes! For some, they are a practical and warm favorite. Although you may picture a cute toddler running around in this classic bed time ensemble, there are plenty of people who are far removed from childhood sporting them at night.

What does wearing footsie jammies as an adult say about a person? It says that they are a child at heart and that they love to express their inner child without guilt or shame. They like to have fun, play games and are quick to laugh.

Then there are those who are not quite as whimsical. They prefer to sleep in the classic nighttime outfit, pajamas. When you picture sleepwear in your head, you're likely to envision pajamas. They are usually sold as a two piece set with matching tops and bottoms. Pajamas are typically made of a comfy lightweight fabric and they can be long or short, cotton or flannel and are adaptable for any season.

Those who choose to wear this traditional attire tend to be conservative, conventional and practical. They are considerate of others and like to be appropriate at all times, in their appearance and they way that they lead their lives.

Then there are those who don't really see the need for sleepwear, but don't want to go to bed in the buff either. They like to sleep in their underwear. What does sleeping only in drawers say about a person? It can say that they have a tendency to be lazy. They prefer to take the easy way at all times, dislike making decisions and lead their lives in a happy go lucky fashion.

Women have many sleepwear choices.

From the classic pink women's pajamas to sexy lingerie, there is a huge and highly variable market of women's bedtime clothing choices. Most women have their favorite bedtime staples.

Some women dawn the traditional nightgown or night dress when they retire to bed. Wearing this gramma-esque attire to slumber may indicate that that a person is somewhat plain and tends to choose comfort over beauty. They like to be at home and value safety and security above all else.

Many ladies love to buck the granny jammies and show off their sexy side in the bed. These women tend to wear baby dolls or negligees when they go to have some saucy slumber time.

Baby doll nighties are short slip-like dresses that are usually made of soft and sexy fabric such as silk or satin. Wearers of this attire tend to like to show off. They are confident, but can lean towards being childish and immature at times.

Men's sleepwear choices tend not be as extravagant as the ladies.

Men's sleepwear is typically designed without much other than comfort in mind. While men can find Satin or silk pajamas to add a bit of flare to their sleepwear, they really don't have the variety of choices that women do.

Men who choose wear exotic fabrics in the sack over the tradition cotton however, tend to be more in-tune with their sensual side. They are artistic and crave traveling to see the beauty of the world.

Many also consider men's bath robes a crucial part of their nighttime wear. Those who love to accessorize their bedclothes tend to be the protective type. They want to make sure that everyone is warm and happy. They like to love and tell stores and jokes.

While these personality types are not typical of all, looking into what someone wears to bed really can tell you much about them. After all, the choices we make in bed are often more telling than those we make in public.

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