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The Best Lingerie Brands!The Best Lingerie Brands!

Lingerie is our lady's favorite. It is the best that can display our lady's attractive and sexy figure. I once got a good friend who might have a look at the lingerie store every time when she went shopping. She said she liked to wear the sexy
before a mirror, admiring herself for a while after bathing. So if a gentleman wants to delight his girlfriend or wife, a better way is to send her a piece of sexy and comfortable lingerie.

Then do you know something about the top brands in lingerie, about their histories and their styles?

If you want to know something about the lingerie, the brand of LaPerla is the first you must learn. This famous Italian brand was founded in 1954. It is the most luxurious and expensive lingerie brand in the world. It assumes the deep cultural connotation and esthetical and artistic bent. The lady must display her feminine and charming temperament by the wearing of this brand.

Since the founding of LaPerla, it has changed the fashion trend of the lingerie in Italy and has swept the whole world rapidly. It has opened many branches in Milan, Rome, New York and London. For its notable style and long-lasting history, it has been acclaimed as Rolls-Royce of the lingerie.

In my opinion, the brand of Chantelle is the second you have to learn about. This brand was created in 1876. It has leaded the lingerie field in France, aiming at satisfying the lady of the age from 25 to 45. Every piece of lingerie of Chantelle has been designed delicately by the designer. It chooses the material of high quality Leavers lace, Guipure lace or Textronic lace. Its design and making is so delicately that every detail has not been ignored. For example, it has attached a narrow lace on the shoulder straps, which is often overlooked by other brands.

Then is my favorite brand, Triumph. This famous brand, owning 112 years of history, is best sold in more than 120 countries with the production of 200 million pieces per year. It was founded in 1886 in Germany. At the beginning of the 20th century, it distinguished itself in the world lingerie field. It is popular with the world female for its fashionable style, exquisite workmanship, comfortable sense of touch and high quality texture.

There are many other brands of lingerie which are also our lady's favorite. The best lingerie is the one which suits your body best.

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