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Panty Lingerie Shipping

Shapewear to shape you well by Sonu Rana

As a child, I remember my mother pulling her undies up over her belly button. It wasn't until I was married and settled and began to see the tummy creeping out over my waistline that I begun to understand.
Fortunately, the technology has changed since then and wearing "shapers" aren't quite as embarrassing. A few brands, specifically Spanx and Body Wrap,actually target a younger consumer such as myself. I'm not old yet - I still want to wear skinny jeans and fitted tops - i just want it to look appropriate on my body. I must admit, I've tried on clothes that are from my early twenties only to find myself erupting from the sides.
For a while, I had given up, and just wore bigger jeans and lose shirts. I'm not overweight by any means; by my thighs and upper arms aren't what they once were.
The solution? Shapewear! Here's a brief overview;
Waist Cinchers: Like a corset in that it evenly distributes your tummy area and makes it look flat, except it only covers the area from above your panty line to under your bra. Excellent for women who's only problem area is the tummy. It can be worn with your regular bra and panties, and you don't notice it under tight fitting tees or clingy dresses.
High Waited Briefs: I was hesitant with something that reminded me of my mother in the early eighties... but they are awesome in the fact that they are like waist cinchers, but stay in place better because they are attached to your undies. Not for short tops or short tees if there is a chance some skin will show. Excellent for dresses, or tops that are sure to extend over your pants or skirt when you sit down.
All-in-one: A bodysuit that provides both tummy control, a built -in bra and undies all in one. Think leotard with underwire. Bodysuits usually offer seamless, full coverage built-in bras, which are way more comfy than traditional underwire bras. The support for the bust is spread from the tummy to around your back, reducing the stress on your straps. Excellent for big busts, or women who need tummy control but who hate underwire digging into your ribcage. The only downfall; its a once piece, so visits to the restroom become more difficult.
Long Leg Panty / Long Leg Shaper: Somehow, I've been lucky enough to be graced with long thin legs, so I haven't personally tried these. They are designed for women with heavier upper thighs, which can be helpful with thin skirts and dresses that can show every bump or wrinkle. Some long leg shapers go as high as your bra line to offer tummy control as well.
Control Slips & Half Slips: Full body / Half Body shaping for dresses and skirts. A "must-have" for any knits or close fitting dresses / skirts.
Cami's: My personal favorite. I admit, I occasionally spend a rainy day with just a Spanx cami and PJ bottoms, laying on the couch watching movies. The perfect piece of clothing when you think a bra is too much, want to hide the rolls, but keep some support. I'm a DD and most shapewear cami's provide enough support to be comfortable and answer the door, should it ring. For anyone less than a DD, I'd imagine you could wear this under your regular clothing for tummy control and enough bust support to look really sleek with outer clothing.
While I try to lose weight and eat healthy, shapewear keeps me in my original clothing and make me look almost... photoshopped (you know, nice curves with less bumps).
I would recommend shopping from home like I do so you can try on shapers from the comfort of your bedroom and don't have to feel rushed. I suggest also trying on shapers with different types of clothing over top ; work clothes, casual tees, and dresses to see which one works best with all clothing.
Lastly, find an online shop that offers free exchange shipping so you don't feed bad or have to pay to return items that don't fit.

I use camis, high-waisted briefs and all in one bodysuits to smooth my shape. I have a large bust and a bit of a tummy; shapewear makes me feel younger and thinner. recommend either a rago shaper, squeem shaper (they offer a cool rubber waist cincher, not recommended for hot summer days). I buy from, as they have free exchange shipping and quality brads at cheap prices. They also buy adult toys from there.

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