Panty Lingerie Underwear

Panty Lingerie Underwear

Avoid Panty Lines And Wedgies - How To Choose Properly Fitting Panties by Gregg Hall

Panties are essential elements of your lingerie wardrobe. Like all articles in your collection, it is important that your panties reflect your personal style and look. A good fit is also important. How can you look and feel attractive in uncomfortable undergarments? Here are some tips to finding the perfect fitting panties every time you shop.

Selecting your perfect panties takes time. Don't just check out the packaged drawers near the socks and expect to be satisfied and comfortable. Check out your options.

To begin, you must determine your size. Your pants or dress size will not necessarily indicate the size you need for panties. Experiment to determine what works best for you.

Improperly fitting under things will have you dealing with pinched privates, wandering wedgies, or floppy fabric. Avoid suffering through your day by purchasing properly fitting panties.

Get out your cloth tape measure to determine your appropriate size. This will help you to determine the proper size for a comfortable fit. Measure your waist by locating the natural bend or indent in your midsection. Having trouble? Gently bend to the side to determine the best place to put the tape measure. Do not suck in your belly and stand up straight and tall to get a smaller measurement. Although the smaller number may look more appealing, it will not allow you to find comfortable panties for your everyday posture and activities. Write down your measurement on a piece of paper. This number will help you find the properly fitting panties when you go shopping for lingerie.

Next, it is time to get a hip measurement for you. Similarly to the way you measured your waist, place the tape measure around the widest part of your hips. It is essential that your tape measure is level all the way around the body. Using a mirror will help you with this. Again, write down your results.

The waist and hip measurements will help you to determine your underwear size. Your waist measurements are important for underwear such as briefs or high-cuts that have elastic around the waist. Hip measurements are important for bikinis and thongs, for example.

If your waist measures 28 inches and your hip measurement is 37 inches, you would fall into a panty size of 6. Again, this is not a pant size. Panties marked small, medium, and large typically include a range of two or three sizes.

Beware of ill-fitting panties with uncomfortable seams or crotch. The crotch should fit close to your body. Choose panties with a cotton crotch for health reasons. Panties with horizontal crotch seems, you will want to make sure it is only visible from the front and won't slip back.

Waistbands should not be too tight for comfort reasons. If they roll up or bunch, try a smaller size. The leg bands should not leave marks, yet feel snug and comfortable.

Properly fitting panties and lingerie will allow you to enjoy your day and feel your best. Panties that squeeze or bunch will leave you distracted from your duties and activities. Know your measurements and experiment with panties that will make you look and feel attractive.

Gregg Hall is an author living with his beautiful wife and family in Navarre Beach, Florida. Find more about lingerie as well as panties at

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