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Reading Basic Acoustic Guitar Tabs by Jay Tyler..

Of the many different types of instruments out there one of the easiest types of musical notation to read is for the acoustic guitar. Relying less on standard musical notation, it's simple layout allows you to play more intuitively. These acoustic guitar tabs is musical notation simplified, simply showing the position of the instruments strings giving you a great advantage over a more traditional way. Many of the string instruments we know today use the tab system.

Acoustic guitar tabs are a form of visual musical notation . The acoustic guitar tab has a diagram of guitar strings. The first string is the top one and the sixth string is the bottom, these are represented by the lines. There are numbers on the lines which tell you what fret to play. An open string is represented by a zero (0). A muffled string is noted by an X.

If you're not sure what a fret is, it's the area between the metal bars on the neck, or the fingerboard of your guitar. Usually there will be somewhere between 21 to 24 frets on the acoustic guitar. The dots you see on the frets are simply a visual guide to let you see where you are.

Take a look at the acoustic guitar tab and if all of the numbers are listed one after the other and all on one line, the numbers indicate the fret to use on that string; only pluck that particular string. Numbers that are noted one after the other indicate that you play one note at a time. If there is a number on each line and the numbers are stacked, one on top of the other; then the acoustic guitar tab is saying play all the notes simultaneously, in other words, strumming all six strings.

When reading acoustic guitar tabs, you may come across things like, hammer-on, pull-offs, bends and slides. A hammer-on may be represented by something such as "7h9," with the "h" being the notation for the hammer-on. A pull-off would be noted in the same way, with a "p" instead of an "h." A bend is noted by a simple "b" and a slide would be represented by a "/."

It is best that you hear the song you are trying to learn as it makes the learning easier. While you can remember how a song goes, listening to it while you practice can help you with the rhythm and detail. It can be tremendously fun to learn how to play a guitar when you utilize acoustic guitar tabs. Before you realize it, you have many songs in your repertoire that you can play at parties to impress friends, or for your sole pleasure.

Listening to a song while you are trying to learn it makes it simpler to learn. Details and rhythms that you think you remember will pop out and help you. Learning the guitar using acoustic guitar tabs makes it quite a bit more fun. It won't take long to learn several songs, and you will be able to play them for your friends at parties, or while you're alone so you can enjoy them in private.

Once you begin to get some additional proficiency you will find that reading acoustic guitar tabs is actually easier then traditional music. Click Here to find out additional tips.

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