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Choosing A String Quartet

If you are arranging a special event then a string quartet can add an extra something to your day. When it comes to arranging any type of event there are loads of different music choices that you can go for. The type of event that you are putting together will probably affect the type of music set up that you want.

For example at a teenager’s birthday you’ll probably want a DJ where as for a wedding you may want something a little different.

For a really beautiful and classy musical accompaniment at a wedding then you could go for a string quartet. If you decide that you would like a string quartet for your big day then you’ll still have more decisions to make. There are lots of bands that offer to play as a string quartet at your wedding or event so you’ll need to decide which band you want to use. These have different styles and different music set lists, so have a browse through and see what bands are available and who plays the type of music that you would like.

Even then you’ll need to decide exactly when you would like them to play. For example if you have a string quartet for your wedding you could have them playing the wedding march as the bride arrives, or you could have them playing to greet your guests at the reception. You could even have them doing a turn during the dinner for your guests to enjoy.

This is all down to personal preference and is something that you’ll need to discuss with the band you are using for your event. Don’t forget that they’ll have played at weddings and events before so they will be able to give you advice on what works and what doesn’t and so hopefully help make your decision a bit easier.

If you think that a string quartet may suit the event that you have coming up then why not start looking online at the different bands that are available in your local area. If you search online you should find details of plenty of bands, they’ll have details on the songs they play and the services that they offer so you should have no problem in deciding on the band you would like to play at your event.

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