Sexy Babydoll Bikini

Sexy Babydoll Bikini

Hotter than any one-piece: The Tiny Micro Bikini by D. Gibson

Mmm, sweet sexy summertime. Summer is all about looking hot and feeling hotter. Summer is long, lazy days on the beach, romantic evenings overlooking the ocean and going out on the town in dazzling new outfits. Summer also causes you to break out last years outfits, including that old, drab bathing suit. But this year, you're ready to shake things up. This year, take a plunge, and splurge on a barely-there tiny micro bikini.

In the spirit of babydoll tees and mini skirts, tiny micro bikinis are designed to put your radiant skin on display. They are specifically made to cover the bare minimum. When you wear a micro bikini, the essential areas are still concealed. But the difference between regular bikinis, as well as the new unikini, the tiny micros are the bottoms. The tiny bottoms use very tiny strips of material to mask only what's absolutely necessary. The tiny micro bikini in leui of a traditional two-piece gives you the ability to feel completely free and uninhibited no matter where you decide to wear it.

The tiny micro bikini originated in Venice Beach, California in the 1970's when a law was passed banning nudity on beaches. Women began to make their own bathing suits in response, and of course, they wanted to keep as little hidden as possible. Since then, these bikinis has remained a staple in women's summer wardrobes.

Sure, there are tons of other bathing suit options. You could slip into a one-piece but one-pieces can be unflattering or come in styles that are anything-but-sexy. There's also tankinis, but they will hide your sexy abs and voluptuous breasts. It's also pretty hard to get a decent tan in one of those!

A tiny micro bikini is ideal for lots of reasons. It is form-fitting and well-crafted, meaning it's extemely comfortable. It's like running on the beach in your birthday suits but with no worry about showing those private parts that shouldn't be shown. If you can wear a thong, you can wear a tiny micro bikini with ease. It also gives you the ability to show off that sexy shape that you work so hard to maintain. Why spend all those hours working your abs, legs and butt at the gym if no one is going to see them? The tiny micro also makes it easy to flaunt every inch of your golden tan. And if you haven't reached your desired level of bronze, a tiny micro bikini is perfect for laying out in the sunshine and ensures you the least amount of tan lines possible. Natural sunshine sure beats frying in a tanning bed any day.

If you're looking for a happy medium between nudity and conservatism when it comes to your swimwear, get out there and invest in a tiny micro bikini. Go ahead and bare your backside to the world, you gorgeous woman, you.

Tiny Micro Bikinis show off your hips, your waist, all your figure and almost everything else. These tiny bikinis covers what you need to cover, but just barely. When you want to be seen opt for the confidence booster Micro Bikini swimwear ever!

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