Sexy Babydoll Strings

Sexy Babydoll Strings

How to choose Lingerie that works for you by Better-than-Bare

Whether you are trying to find just the right gift for a loved one, or looking for advice on what
styles will look best on you, having a basic and realistic view of body shape will go a long way towards maximizing your investment. A little thought about what your attributes or weaknessesare allow you to look as alluring as you feel. Don't get us wrong; you don't have to be
stick-thin and perfectly proportioned to be sexy. Lingerie is the great equalizer.

In some ways, buying lingerie is almost self-defeating. If you pick the right style, color and size, no one will even notice the cloth draping your body. So read along, and
see suggestions we have to help you make the best purchases.

Click on the pictures to see examples of the outfits we suggest for each example

For the Woman with: a Bigger Bottom

If the backside is a little large, the best bet is a thong bottom with some width to the back. Having around 1/3 coverage will make things look a little smaller, still show ample cheek and elongate the leg line. Things to avoid: Very skinny g-strings (they accentuate the size) or full coverage "granny panties" (makes the bottom look even wider).

For the Woman with: a Pear Shape

The secret here is to call attention to the bust, and have a solid opaque bottom that just slips
over the hips. This will draw attention up, and the flaring A-line shape will slim the butt and hips. Things to avoid: Drawing attention to the middle. Don't wear something with a pattern along the midriff, and avoid panties that cut straight across the thighs. These will cut visually cut the wearer off, and make the legs look shorter and heavier.

For the Woman with: Large Breasts
Wearing a full coverage top will provide support and visually balance the look. What you want is to make the bust look controlled and proportional. Also, this type of top won't leave visible lines in anything you wear over your sexy outfit. A bikini brief will help you look youthful, and not like 'matronly'. Things to avoid: Demi-cups, shelf bras or other styles that accentuate the bust spilling out of the top.

For the Woman with: a Large Tummy

If you have a belly 'pooch', try wearing a babydoll with a closed front and some type of pattern. Add a thong or sexy pair of panties that will visually extend your legs.Things to avoid: Don't wear an open-front babydoll that frames what you are trying to not call attention to. And don't be tempted to buy either the top or bottom too small, as edges digging in really make like you are wearing things that are just too tight.

For the Woman with: a Slim Build Slimmer women want to compliment their frame with something light and airy. Feminine lingerie matches the delicacy of the frame, especially in sheer fabrics. things to avoid; Slim women can wear almost anything, but want to avoid anything that is either too visually heavy or that is too
large. Otherwise you look like you are wearing something meant for someone else.

For the Woman with: an Hourglass Figure

Curvy women want to wear something that accentuates the waist, like a bustier. Adding some soft boning and a pretty matching bottom will really make your silhouette rock. Things to avoid; items that are loose fitting can make an hourglass shape look large and shapeless. Stick to fitted items. And point attention to the waist, not above or below.

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