Sexy Costume Lingerie

Sexy Costume Lingerie

Three Sexy Erotic Lingerie Looks for Those Steamy Occasions by Gen Wright

The right piece of erotic lingerie prepares you to send any man's temperature skyrocketing into the stratosphere of passion. And the creativity and comfort offered in the many choices are enough to make them worth your time and dollars, whether your bedroom is private or shared with that special someone. But with so many choices and preferences, it can get a little overwhelming picking out the right fit.

What You Should Look for in a Sexy Piece of Lingerie

Firstly, ask yourself what is important to you and your mate. Perhaps dominant leather is what it takes to get his blood roiling. Or maybe you are into role-playing scenarios, such as the Nurse, the Maid, or the Police Officer. Take the time to explore each other. Talk about what you like and what you don't. When you are new to one another especially, it is important that you keep lines of communication open. Only when you have been together long enough to know each other's likes and dislikes should you go for the surprise. Once you are ready, it is time to explore the options that are available to you, and to sift through the choices in finding that perfect piece.

Here are three erotic lingerie choices that will turn any day into a passionate, full-blooded holiday:

3. Strapless Bustier

This piece of sheer lingerie, made from jacquard material, is lightweight and elegant, and leaves only a little to the imagination. It accentuates curves, and features garters that can be easily removed for your convenience and pleasure.

2. Sexy Open Teddy

This piece of erotic lingerie will devastate him, showing off your best features and leaving even less to the imagination. It features a white mesh underwire and an open belly, combining for a look of seduction that will keep hearts aflutter and all eyes on you.

1. Sexy Sheer Lingerie Costumes

It does not have to be Halloween for you to enjoy the benefits of playing dress-up.

The Maid look offers apron frill around the bra and g-string for a cleaning experience he will never forget.

But if that isn't his thing, perhaps the Nurse look is. With a zipper front and sexy white cross headpiece, this costume is liable to be a little counterproductive when it comes to controlling blood pressure.

And if your special someone is a little more into authority than angel-of-mercy, take him on the beat with a Cop look. Lycra material combines with a PVC hat, collar, belt, and badge, for a sensation that is anything but law and order.

Your bedroom should be a place of exploration and pleasure. When piecing together the perfect experience, imagination and communication are keys. Do not think you have to go it alone, and avoid doing so unless you know each other so well that it comes naturally. Whatever awaits you both, plan the right look for the occasion, and get ready to escape from your day-to-day worries to a land of passionate romance that will find both of you coming back for more, again and again.

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