Sexy Lace Garter

Sexy Lace Garter

Is There Really Anyone Who Doesn't Find A Woman In A Garter Belt Extremely Sexy? by Gregg Hall

I don't care if you are a man or a woman it is difficult to look at a woman wearing a garter and not think, "Man, is that sexy!" I know that I feel that when my wife wears them. Last Halloween she dressed up in a "naughty nurse" outfit with a super short skirt with white stockings held up by a red lace garter belt and garters and not only did it drive me crazy but she had the attention of everyone everywhere we went! Good thing I am a big guy and not of a jealous nature!

The construction of the garter belt features the actual garter belt worn at the waist with elastic garter clasps attached to it which actually attach to the stockings to hold them up on your thighs. It is imperative that you buy a quality garter belt because if you do it will stay put and not move around on you while the cheaper ones will. The best place to buy a garter belt is from a specialty lingerie shop either locally or online that sells high quality lingerie. Also be sure that the stockings you are buying are specifically made for use with the garter clasps.

There are many women who really get a kick out of the knowledge that they are wearing a sexy garter under their clothes, even if no one can see it, yet. Just knowing that they are wearing something that they know will drive anyone crazy makes them feel sexy and beautiful. This not only makes a woman feel better about herself but it is a great builder of self esteem as well. Wearing a garter belt and stockings is really no more difficult than wearing normal pantyhose but the rewards are infinite.

The thing that is crucial to the comfort of the garter belt is making sure that you buy the right size for you. You have to be certain that it is snug on you but not so tight that it pinches and causes bulging areas. This defeats the whole purpose of wearing a garter belt and stockings to look sexy. The actual clasps that are hanging down should be highly adjustable so that they can be adapted to fit the length of your legs. Another critical decision in regards to comfort is the choice of fabric, especially if you are going to wear it all day. When it comes to the stockings you should choose stockings made of silk which is not only a sexy and great feeling fabric but it is also much more long lasting and durable than materials like nylons.

Gregg Hall is an author living with his beautiful wife and family in Navarre Beach, Florida. Find more about lingerie as well as garter belts at

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