Sexy Lace Lingerie

Sexy Lace Lingerie

Sexy Lingerie Putting Your Best Assets Forward by Mike Harader

When is comes to wearing sexy lingerie, women need to be aware of their body type and how it applies to what they wear. Most women have certain things they like about their body and other things that they don't like. Whether you like it or not, this is just a fact of life.

For example, certain women are endowed with large breasts and they feel confident about them and like to show them off. Other women may feel just the opposite and may not want to draw attention to their flat chest. This isn't a bad thing necessarily. It is just a part of being human. With that said, there are some solutions for these feeling especially when it comes to wearing sexy lingerie.

When you select your sexy lingerie you want to keep your feeling about your body's strengths and weaknesses in mind. This way you can choose the right sexy lingerie according to how you want to look and feel.

A woman who wants to highlight her breasts has many choices. There are all types of sexy bras and push-up bras to choose from. Some are more revealing than others. A leather shelf bra does a nice job of displaying these fine assets.

For the woman who is looking to highlight her buttocks, a tight fitting pair of short shorts or booty shorts will do the job nicely. A sexy lace thong or any number of sexy g-strings will fit the bill as well.

If you are feeling a little conscientious about your tummy, you may want to consider trying different types of corsets. Some of them can really cover up the lower part of your stomach while putting the focus on your chest.

When you want to look sexy but really don't want to show too much skin, you will do well in a loose fitting camisole top and some matching pants. This is an elegant combination that covers the legs and buttocks and shows just enough up top to keep things interesting.

Whatever your personal case may be, the point to remember is that you should wear sexy lingerie that flatters your best assets while not drawing attention to the areas you are least comfortable with.

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