Sexy Lady

Sexy Lady

Tell You How to Be a Sexy Lady Like Natalia Vodianova


The Russian super model Natalia Vodianova has a perfect figure which makes males fascinate and which makes females envy. In the eyes of many sellers, her sexy figure is the talisman for attracting eyeballs. Today, this super model, wearing Easter bunny costume, occurs on the cover of magazine. Do you very envy Natalia Vodianova’s sexy figure? Do not just admire her figure. You also could have a perfect figure like her. The sexy lingerie would make your dream come true.


Black/Red Enthusiastic As Fire Sexy Bra-set 9211


The low-cut design corsage shapes the perfect silhouette of bosom, and stands out the beauty of breast. The rose color brings the sexy, zealous taste. At the same time, the rose color is also one of the colors which most attract eyeballs. Wearing this sexy lingerie, you could absolutely attract other people’s attention.


The underpants also thoroughly exert sex appeal as corsage. The miniskirt-style design not only stands out the sexy legs, but also makes people indulge in a train of thoughts. The black lace short skirt makes the underpants inside it indistinct, so as to further enhance the sexy index.


Teenland Princess Sexy Babydoll with Shoulder-Straps 9509


Green brings the life breath, and gives people the very comfortable visual enjoyment. At the same time, the green would also make the wearer look younger. The ultralong corsage with shoulder straps, which is as long as to cover the hip, makes the wearer appear extremely lovely. The transparent material makes the sexy figure partly hidden and partly visible, and brings sexy, mysterious feeling.


Sweet pink Sexy Bra Top babydoll 9529


If you want to be a sweet, sexy girl, please choose this pink lingerie. The pink would let people imagine the delicious candy which emits waves of sweet flavor. The corsage without shoulder straps not only perfectly shapes the perfect bosom, but also makes the breast be vividly portrayed. The sexy temperament occurs from this no-shoulder-straps design. The transparent gauze hanging down from corsage further sublimates this sexy temperament. Meanwhile, it also makes the wearer’s waist curve indistinct, and brings endless imagination.


Sexy Luxurious Lace Robe with Shoulder-Straps 9510


The hip is the sexiest part of a female. So, if you want to demonstrate your sexy figure, you should try your best to decorate your hip, and this set of lingerie is your best prop. The ringent waist design of corsage stands out the hip line. Furthermore, this sexy lingerie would make your hip sometimes visible and sometimes invisible when you walk.

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