Sexy Lingerie Crotch

Sexy Lingerie Crotch

A Variety Of Types Of Body Stockings by Victor Epand

Often times body stockings are made from a sheer fabric and they are worn with or without undergarments such as a bra or panties, but this is totally up to the individual and her personal style.
The sheer body stocking may be sheer from head to toe and it will often times stretch to fit any giving woman's body to make her body look like a slim silhouette. Whether a sheer body stockings has or does not have an open crotch, they are still convenient and will offer the individual the benefit of offering the woman hosiery and a sheer top that matches the hosiery.
Sheer fabrics have become wildly popular due to the fact that they have the feeling of wearing them and that they look like sheer fabric against the women's skin. Many women and even men love wearing stretchy and clingy fabrics, because it really does makes them feel sensuous and makes the individual feel much more supported, although they may offer little to no support.
The look of sheer fabric is considered sexy as it tends to add a mystery to the wearer. This is simply due to the way that the light plays with the fabric and the shape of the woman's body. Do not confuse sheer and see-through even though they are considered to be kissing cousins. A woman wearing sheer fabric over a bra or less than a bra is just plain and simple sexy. The effect of being dressed and nearly undressed is a sort of controlled exhibitionism for many women.
A perennial favorite such as the fishnet body stocking can be worn over another garment, such as a pretty bra, camisole, or snug top of the same or a contrasting color. The fishnet body stocking is one of many individual's favorites, because wearing fishnet or fence net stockings make your legs look extremely attractive and they are definitely a guy magnet.
There are many individual's that enjoy wearing a pair of opaque stockings with a fishnet or fence net body stocking over the stockings. When a woman wears a pair of hot pink or a blue pair of stockings, the effect of the black fishnet body stockings is dramatic. You may want to purchase a fishnet body stocking and try it on and see how it makes you look, because more than likely you will find that you love it.
Another popular style is wearing the fishnet or fence net over an opaque stocking, which unfortunately, are not particularly feminine nor sexy, but they do have their place. Opaque body stockings generally come in black or nude, although other colors are available. They do not offer the visual stimulation of a sheer or even lace body stocking. Body stockings are normally not that expensive and the selection and the fact that a body stocking is both sexy stockings and a hot top. You may agree that it is time to jump into buying a sexy body stocking and see what the fuss is all about.

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