Sexy Lingerie Mini

Sexy Lingerie Mini

Standing Out With Vinyl Lingerie by Mike Harader

If you are looking for a fun and exciting way to spice up your love life or just stand out from the crowd, look no further than slipping on some sexy vinyl lingerie. Vinyl is an awesome material that is perfect for making you look sexy and original.

Vinyl lingerie can go a long way toward helping you make an original statement. Unlike any other material, vinyl is shiny and has a cool synthetic look to it. It is far from looking soft or natural and this is part of its beauty.

Scientists invented vinyl in the 1920's. Of course these scientists never thought that their discovery would play such a sexy role in society. Vinyl is now the second largest plastic produced in the world in terms of total volume. In fact, in the year two thousand, North American production of vinyl resin was 14.6 billion pounds. That is a whole lot of sexy!

One of the cool things about vinyl is that being plastic means it has no real limitations on the shapes and sizes it can form. This helps to widen the selection of available sexy vinyl lingerie dramatically.

For instance, you can make a tiny vinyl mini bra and g-string that looks like no other. It shines and looks slippery and definitely appealing. Or how about a lace up vinyl corset in shiny black? One of my vinyl lingerie items is a pair of vinyl cheeky shorts. They are very smooth and the way they stretch around the buttocks, thighs and waist is extremely attractive and unique.

Vinyl is also the perfect material for making other sexy vinyl clothing items. Sexy costumes made out of vinyl include, sexy school girl costumes, hot taxi driver outfits, sexy vinyl nurse costumes, biker babe costumes, sexy waitress costumes and any thing else your imagination can muster!

So while many people still think of vinyl uses only in terms of medical, construction, toys, packaging, automotive, and electronics, it is plain to see that vinyl lingerie can take your clothing and lingerie experiences to new shiny and sexy heights.

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