Sexy Lingerie Nightwear

Sexy Lingerie Nightwear

Do You Wear Washables or Sexy Lingerie by Phoenix Delray

Lingerie, a French word derived from linge, a word meaning washables, is a term described to connote visually appealing womens underwear. Although earlier womens undergarments were made from washable linen, hence the lin part of the word, many fabrics now used include lycra, nylon, polyester, lace, satin silk and more.

Originally, the purpose of lingerie developed until about the 1960s was to alter the shape of a womans curves, provide support and were rarely comfortable or form fitting. Beginning in the 1960s, companies such as Fredericks of Hollywood chose to bring ladys unmentionables out of the back of stores to featuring the female form. Although compared to todays standards 60s lingerie was designed to be more visually appealing and even erotic. At that time, the exposure of straps or waistlines would be considered inappropriate, however, by todays standards, clothing is design to purposely expose lingerie and even some fare is design to double as outerwear.

Many styles of undergarments are designed to feature different female forms and anatomy. The camisole is designed to be worn as nightwear, is sleeveless and tight fitting while primarily covering only the upper body. This piece is one of the first to be designed and worn as outerwear as when paired with jeans or slacks appears as provocative. A bodice, also featuring the upper body can be either sleeveless or fabricated with removable sleeves. While serving similar functions with a corset, as an outerwear, women have worn this to accentuate the bustline.

Even men, particularly rock stars sport this design, granted mostly in leather. The Teddy or camiknicker is a combination of the camisole and panty in one piece. The Teddy is primarily worn as either daily underwear, but is perfectly suited as nightwear and is looser fitting than the camisole.

Much of todays lingerie has no function as underwear as is merely entertainment. The French maid outfit refers to a style designed to resemble a servants dress, but essentially as evolved mostly as a low cut black and white ultra miniskirt one piece with laces in the front and often little coverage, if any, in the back. This piece became popular more as a costume in burlesque shows than as underwear. In fact, the mere mention of the term French Maid connotes fantasy play and fetish wear. Much like the negligee, which is French for neglected, is sheer and completely exposes underwear if worn.

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