Sexy Lingerie Seamless

Sexy Lingerie Seamless

Throw Out Your Dull And Boring Lingerie And Show Your Femininity! by Mary Socker

The days of women with a fuller figure having to resort to dull and boring lingerie are long gone, thank goodness! And yet a surprising number of women reach middle age and think they have to resort to un-sexy lingerie and knickers which are purely functional rather than those which are pretty and feminine.

Whilst it may be true that women should not try and look younger simply by adopting the teenage fashion trends when it comes to the lingerie department this is where the maturer women can really splash out and make a real difference to the way she looks and feels.

Perhaps it is because to look good you have to have confidence which is something that many women find easier after they have reached middle age? There are bound to be experts who will totally disagree and they would also be right if the number of TV programmes showing women how to look good are anything to go by!

Feeling good on the inside is of the utmost importance to be able to hold you head up and confidently walk into a room or down the high street knowing that you look good. The difference perhaps, is that knowing you look good comes from wearing clothes which suit your body shape, your skin tone and your age!

This definitely does not mean that as the years pass by you should turn into your mother or grandmother by wearing twin sets, pearls and flat shoes! Far from it, it means that you should make sure that the clothes you wear, which include your lingerie, really does what it is supposed to do and that is provide chic style whatever the occasions or for no particular occasion at all!

Just because you may no longer have a super slim figure and a 'mummy tummy' does not send a signal that you can only be seen in baggy and ill fitting clothes, trainers and jogging bottoms! Keeping up appearances is important every day if you are to feel good, you certainly don't have to wear a suit or dress every day, but you should at the very least chose lingerie which is feminine and pretty everyday.

Whether you opt for matching bra and knickers is purely a matter of personal choice and you may not be inclined to wear a g-string, but you can wear seamless short styles of knickers which do not have a VLP. Tummy control knickers are also very acceptable and are nothing to be ashamed about! Wear your magic kickers to smooth out your tummy and provide you with the opportunity to wear a more sleek dress or skirts.

Make sure you are wearing the correct size bra which lifts and supports your bust properly. If you wear plus size lingerie and prefer not to go and have a professional measure your bust, there are many online bra fitting guidance and videos which enable you to select the correct size. There are also many different styles of lingerie to suit women of all ages, shapes and sizes which do not resemble the styles your grandmother used to wear!

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