Sexy Lingerie Strings

Sexy Lingerie Strings

Consider Lingerie For Her This Christmas by Sexy Bunnie

It would be a cliche to say that sexy lingerie is the gift that "gives to both him and her", or "it's the gift that keeps on giving". Clearly a man can't lose when he gives lingerie as a gift. The only time this plan might backfire is when he gives something in the wrong style, or worse, the wrong size. But if a man puts time and consideration into his purchase, both are rewarded which is why sexy lingerie can make a great gift.

Men are always tempted to buy what they think is sexy when it comes to lingerie. They purchase the lingerie only to find that their taste is in direct conflict with the taste of their partner. Take as an example, thongs or g-strings. It takes a special type of woman to be comfortable wearing this type of undergrament. Men find them sexy and give them as gifts only to find their wife or girlfriend don't like them and refuse to wear them.

Given that thong sales only represent about 20% of all lingerie purchases, it is quite possible that a woman may not appreciate thongs as gifts as much as the men giving them as gifts.

If you want your gift selection to be successful, you need to do your homework. Ask yourself what part of her body is she most proud of? Whatever this body part is, a good rule of thumb is to buy lingerie that will flatter and accentuate that body part. If a woman is particularly proud of her cleavage as example, a halter might be the best way to go. If she is more proud of her legs, then a chemise might be the best idea. No matter what part or parts of her body she is most proud of, don't despair men. There is lingerie out there that will flatter every part of a woman's body.

Color is very important also. When deciding on colors, it's important to take into consideration things like skin tone, hair color and even body shape. Blondes tend to look best with light colors or even pastels. Brunettes look best with colors that accentuate their darker hues, so purples or even dark greens and reds usually work well. Redheads generally need darker colors but they need to complement the hair color which is why greens and blues seem to work best.

It goes without saying that the lingerie needs to look good, but equally important is the need for the lingerie to feel good. A good rule of thumb it if you enjoy touching it, she will probably enjoy wearing it. Satins and silks are always a good choice. They are smooth to the touch and will feel great on her. If your buying your gift online I recommend buying fabrics you are familiar with so you know what to expect.

One of the biggest misktakes men make when buying lingerie is getting the size right. Many men think they can guestimate the size because they have 'calibrated eyes' or they can figure out the size by cupping and imaginary breast in their hands. Don't fall victim to this method of sizing. If your not sure about the size, ask. If you can't ask, then do some detective work when she isn't around. If you don't get the sizes right, all of your efforts will most likely be in vain. Buying the right style and colors won't help if it doesn't fit.

Lingerie is definitely one of the most intimate and rewarding gifts a person can give or receive. When the desires, size, body, and tastes of the receiver are considered when making a purchase, lingerie will be rewarding to the buyer in ways like no other gift can. But, when you buy something that you think they will like without taking into consideration the person you're buying for, a lingerie purchase can backfire. Lingerie should be a gift that she will remember fondly so be sure to think of how she would feel wearing it before buying and you are sure to have a very merry Christmas season with many happy returns!

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