Sexy Mesh

Sexy Mesh

Arm Your Inner Beauty!Arm Your Inner Beauty!

Whether you love lace or pure cotton? Whether you love inkiness or pure white? Whether you love exaggerated or understated showing way? Sexy bra sets are good arm for you to show your inner beauty. It is doubtlessly that during all sexy lingeries, bra can show our female temperament and sexy air most.

Lace sexy bra sets

Lace fabric has been famous for its good quality and great texture. With an exquisite and graceful design, these lace sexy bra sets would be showing our attractive demeanors. Many trendy movie stars would try their sexy bras to annotate their beautiful manners to the world. Furthermore, the use of exquisite lace to sexy bras would show out our noble individuality and luxury taste, attracting so many eyes from the crowd.

There are many new styles for sexy bra sets, which make full use of lace. Take some examples, the sexy bras with charming and beautiful tattooing, and the one with white lace bowtie. They have effects of decoration, extending exquisiteness and gracefulness onto our body. And light and handy T-back in dress style is portraying aesthetic and slender leg curves, saying nobleness and leisureliness with much glamour, transcending time and space, returning to luxuriant and choky Victorian Age, full loading with soft body codes, playing a love melody of romance and grace.

Silk sexy bra sets

Sexy bra sets made of silk are full of elasticity which can give our skin sufficient soft smoothness. The gorgeous embroidery in double colors is matched onto two sides of lingerie body in large area, showing more exquisiteness and nobleness. Ribbon bowtie and the luxuriant and lustrous embroidery are working harmoniously, and spreading out Victorian flavor and elegance.

Classic sexy bra sets

Classic series of sexy lingerie blends classic design of palace into lingerie elements, and removable shoulder straps in garter straps classic sexy bra sets graceful and attractive. Imprinted mesh linings with high elasticity and matched with thin and transparent lace stripes, this style of sexy bra sets is spreading noble air, protruding fashion and luxury with unique flavor.

Alien sexy bra sets

Alien sexy bra sets with unpredictable color are showing elusive self. Grand and separate furnishing flowers can decorate their fashionable elements completely. These low-waist briefs matched with big furnishing flowers can add pioneering sexy air onto our charming body. Consummate and fine embroidery flower edges, added elastic warp knitting weaved by stripes, light and transparent texture, all are showing nobleness and gracefulness of us at same time. What is more, the biggest highlight of this series is the tightening design, which can perfect our charming body greatly.

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