Sexy Open Underwear

Sexy Open Underwear

What Are The Five Key Pieces of Lingerie Every Woman Should Have? by Chris Le Roy

Well ladies its time that you look after yourself. Let's face it, if you don't look after yourself then who will. The key to feeling great is to obviously look great. One of the best ways to do that is to spoil yourself with the best lingerie available but what are the five key pieces of lingerie you should have.

Well in this article we are going to outline five key pieces of lingerie that you should have in your wardrobe to help you look and feel great.

Key Piece 1. A Good Sexy Bra and Panty Set

Every woman should have in their wardrobe at least one sexy bra and panty set. Now keep in mind I am not talking the usual run of the mill bra and panty set, I am talking about something special.

The item should be of a high quality and fun. My own partner has recently purchased a fun green and brown camouflage bra and panty set. She chose this piece, which she wears on special occasions, because of the extremely high quality, extra padding and the colours were bright and the underwear was laced with pieces of gold.

When choosing this item, choose something with a bright colour like red or gold so that it reflects how you want to feel.

Key Piece 2. A Quality Babydoll

A Babydoll is a fantastic piece of lingerie to own. Primarily it is designed as a sexy item to entice your partner. Choose a babydoll that is fun, like a pink polka-dot baby or a leopard print babydoll.

This item of lingerie is designed for flirty and enticing your partner into something, so this is a definite piece for the wardrobe.

Key Piece 3. A Casual Corset

Corsets are fantastic tools for sculpting the way that you want your body to be seen so it is definitely important that you have a casual corset. A casual corset is one that you wear on its own with something like jeans.

A casual corset should be light weight an easy to take off. You will find that most casual corsets have both lacing and a zip or clips. This makes it easier to remove when you get home or to put it on in the first case.

Key Piece 4. A Chemise for Sleepwear

Most ladies have a favourite item to sleep in. It will be a pair of flannelette pyjamas or something along those lines that are really comfortable but it is also important to have a sexy chemise to wear for those occasions when you want to spice things up.

The chemise will usually be made of either spandex or satin and should be comfortable to wear. Quite often you will find that these chemises are sold as a one size fits all. Whilst this is true, there are limits as to how far these chemises can stretch so it is very important to check out the size chart for this item.

Key Piece 5. A Bustier for Casual Nights on the Town

The last piece that you definitely need in you wardrobe is a bustier. Many people confuse the bustier with the corset. The corset is a rigid item which will contain boning to provide it with structure where as the bustier is generally made of a material that stretches around your body.

A good sexy bustier should be in either white or red. The idea of a bustier is to wear it on its own or with an open shirt over the top.

When ever you are feeling down or the day is getting to you, the ideal thing to do is to go into your wardrobe and put on one of those key pieces of lingerie.

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