Sexy Sleepwear Dress

Sexy Sleepwear Dress

3 Steps to Buy Your Girlfriend or Wife Lingerie by Htlovezj

I bet you have considered buying your girl lingerie, as you know lingerie is the best way to make woman feel sexy and attractive and it's also the roots of romance. But buying lingerie for your girlfriend or wife can be a difficult process. Walking in a lingerie store, you might feel dazzled and haven't the faintest idea where to start. So here's a short, simple guide to help you find the right lingerie for your love.

The most important step is to know what size bra, panty and pajamas she wears. And for the oblivious men, how bra sizes work is a totally difficult question. Bra sizes have a number and a letter, for example 32B. The letters (A, B, C, D and DD) connote the size of the breast while the numbers (32, 34, 36, and 38) describe the measurements around the back.

But, how to get know about her size? The easiest way is to go through her drawers, sneak a peak at her laundry. There's nothing worth to get her wrong size lingerie, because she will think you didn't care about her or you are hinting that she need to lose weight.

Picking lingerie that matches her taste and style is the key to ensure your gift success. Take notice to the style of bras and panties she usually wears. If you didn't notice before, then go through her drawers to find out what she likes. There are three things you need to pay attention to, that's color, fabric and style. Have a general idea about her favorite colors and think about what color she wears looks sexy and attractive. When it comes to fabric, find out if she likes cotton or silk most. Buy her what she likes most instead of a new look, unless you 100% sure she will like it. And for style, you need to take note if she wears briefs or boy shorts or thongs. Stay away from novelty outfits, wigs or costumes unless you are sure she would like them.
If it's too hard for you to find or guess her taste, then just ask. I'm sure she will love the anticipation.

When coming into lingerie store, you can ask sales girl for advice, and they are completely pleased to help you. Helping you shop is their job, and they will consider you're a considerate and romantic man. So you need not to feel embarrassed at all.

But if you still feel hesitated or anxious about shopping in a lingerie store, you can choose online lingerie shops. Most men prefer shopping lingerie online to save the stares and curious looks. Plus, online shops always provide many coupons, which could save them a lot. As we all know, lingerie always cost a lot, but you still need to consider about budgeting. Unlike buying lingerie in mall, you can just see lingerie; shopping online you can see what lingerie looks like wearing on models. This could help you decide better.

Now, you know the basic steps to buy your love lingerie, and show your love and consideration to her. What you need to do next is to open a browser and google sexy lingerie.

Ally Keer is an expert author who has been writing on diet, fitness, weight loss, and relationship for over 4 years. She is also a fashion addict, who is especially interested in lingerie. is one of her favorite lingerie online shops, which provides sexy and cheap lingerie and naughty costumes.

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