Sexy String

Sexy String

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From thongs to boy shorts, French cut to bikinis, sexy panties are available in a wide range of styles. Panties are an often-overlooked but very important basic part of every woman's wardrobe. Many women do not realize that sexy panties can be both comfortable and functional as well. Here is a guide to choosing the best sexy panties.

Know Your Panty Size

Although it seems obvious, many women do not truly know what size panties they should wear. Panties that are too small will feel tight and uncomfortable and may cause unsightly lines. Panties that are too big will bag and gap uncomfortably. Check the fit of the panties you already own to see if they fit properly.

Styles of Sexy Panties

Boy shorts are fun and flirty. They provide excellent full coverage without sacrificing sex appeal. Boy shorts typically lack the seaming that creates panty lines, making them an excellent choice under tighter clothing.

Briefs are another name for classic, traditional panties. They have a full cut with seams around the legs and provide complete coverage. Briefs remain popular, despite some women's preference for thongs. They are generally thought of as utilitarian rather than sexy panties, but in the right fabric and style can be quite sensual.

Bikinis are a type of brief. Generally bikinis offer a higher cut leg and lower waist than traditional briefs, making them a popular choice underneath low rise pants. Bikinis often feature a youthful, fun appeal, but are available in many styles. Consider string bikinis in a silk or satin for maximum sex appeal.

Thongs and g-strings have been extremely popular in the past few years. Both provide frontal coverage but feature a thin strip of fabric in the back. The fabric strip of a thong is wider and more substantial than the string of a g-string. Some women claim that these are more comfortable than briefs. Others feel that the fabric strip is uncomfortable. Both styles are considered very sexy.

Choosing Sexy Panties

When deciding on sexy panties, it is important to know what you will wear them for. Certain styles work better underneath certain clothes. For example, many women find thongs and g-strings uncomfortable under jeans, but satisfactory underneath skirts. Others find that briefs cause panty lines under tight pants.

Try to find panties that are part of a matching lingerie set for maximum appeal. Removing your clothes to reveal a matching, well fitted bra and panties is quite alluring. Some panties also match with various bustiers, corsets, chemises and other pieces of sexy lingerie.

It is impossible to find a single style of sexy panties that will work for everything. Instead, look for pairs in varying styles to meet your needs. If you choose a basic colour theme you will find it easy to create your own matched sets, but a wardrobe of all white or all black can become dull. Be sure that your panties fit properly, and remember that sexy panties should be comfortable.

Wearing sexy panties which are sensual and comfortable is very important as you will regret purchasing uncomfortable panties if you chose to wear them at work.

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