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Buying Lingerie For Your Lady: Getting Past Skittish by

You're just dying to make an impression on your beloved, and you've heard through the gym grapevine that lacy lingerie will win her heart. Well, you're on the right track! But how are you going to navigate the frilly, sexy displays at your local Macy's or Victoria's Secret? Do you even know what constitutes a great lingerie gift? Let's begin with a couple of rules that you shouldn't break until you're better at this.

1. Skimpy does not necessarily resonate with females the way it does with males.

Unless you're entirely, 100%, bet-the-rent-on-it certain that your woman loves crotch-less panties or is dying to wear a thong, you might want to start with some more standard fare. You want a Wow! from your woman? Look for top-notch fabrics and name brands. You can't go wrong with silk. Ever. Microfiber is nice, but silk and satin will get you that smile that you're looking for.

2. Sleazy is not the same as sexy.

The red panties and matching bra with fringe hanging ten inches from the edges may make your heart leap, but you'd better check your lady's lingerie drawer and her choice in reading matter before you invest. The same goes for edible undies, bras that have a cut-out space, and anything that even vaguely reminds you of something you once saw on a centerfold.

3. If you have to guess what size she wears, you probably don't know her well enough to be investing in such a personal gift.

You can make the process easier on yourself and avoid the obvious pitfalls by going either in person on online to the stores whose labels your woman loves to see under her Christmas tree. Victoria's Secret may be the Number One choice in this arena, but don't rule out other options. If your sweetheart has a favorite store, you should know what it is. With the exception of some of the very small local boutiques, most decent-sized stores will have an online or mail-order version for your shopping pleasure.

Enlist the help of the sales staff at the site or store you've chosen. They will be happy to be of service. Check to find out whether the package can be sent in an unmarked shipping container if you're nervous about an obvious lingerie delivery causing your secret to be spoiled or, if you live alone, your neighbors to raise an eyebrow. This should not be a problem.

Shopping for intimate apparel for your lady should be a trauma-free, if not actually enjoyable, experience, so go on and give it a shot. You've got nothing to lose but your inhibitions, and your lady will love you for it!

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