Sexy White Size

Sexy White Size

Australian open the first round this year, has put on a blue and white sleeveless dress

Remember last year on the Australian open and French DaWeiLianMSi controversial clothing? She was in the article put on a UGG Boots Sale Ireland incarnadine safety pants, the result makes audience once doubt that she is "vacuum battle", own also had to run to clarification on
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. After a year, the American star in the 2011 Australian open two shirt beyond the game itself again, become a hot topic.

Australian open the first round this year, has put on a blue and white sleeveless dress. Although the use of satin fabric itself flexibility good, however don't know is too tight or shirt has recently weight gain is a game of her dress is a big action range would roll up, make has almost every points need to take time to rearrange skirt. TENNIS. COM picture editor of David rosenberg in on Twitter believers said, this dress like a wedding gift wrapping paper.

Has it doesn't mind, but also in the postgame news conference revealed that she was going to once again put on incarnadine safety pants: "UGG Boots Ireland is a fetching daydream dress, but in the final hour I decided to make the wear black pants of safety."

Australian open in the second round, has bright yellow frame type of hollow out coat matching a similar black, white, and purple color mixture splash-ink pattern of the short skirt, one in the Internet has played on a batch of: "has exactly what's going on?" Tennis experts matt g LaoNing left a multiple choice--large wei of dress looks like: 1, the pie shell; 2, paint coating with good shelf; 3, the construction site temporary plastic dampers.

Has in 2007 with Steve and Barry 's group cooperation started his own fashion brand after EleVen, every competition would put on special design of shirt, although she is art college graduates, an bold clipping and material selection still sometimes give a person with "ray" feeling.

Britain's "daily telegraph" columnist belinda Wright criticism of
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Australian open tennis is like the nightmare of fashion, everyone's attention from who played the best backhand, become who wearing the most exposed of clothing.

For decades, female players is the goddess of the tennis court, tennis dress up from 1920's ethereal flow short skirt and rubber base canvas shoes, by the 1950 s neat and classic profile, and then to the 1970 s smooth jerseys, always give a person the feeling of elegant and noble.

But look at the stadium now, like size power such love Cheap UGG Boots power players will tennis dress is becoming more and more thoughtless, colourful common and sexy. To take this kind of want to rely on exposure to draw attention to purpose, they choose to dress up into a fluorescent color hollow out coat and super short skirt outfit, photograph collocation is exaggerated earrings.

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