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Sleepwear Bikini Underwear

Great Clothing and Apparel Bridal Party Gifts by Sandy11

Buying clothing or apparel for your bridal party may seem a little unusual, butt when you put it into context it makes a great party gift idea. Imagine how fun it would be for your closest friends to sport the same outfit when celebrating your wedding shower, bachelorette or bachelor party.

Wedding clothing makes perfect pre-wedding gifts, especially when it’s personalized. T-shirts, caps, bikinis, sleepwear, sportswear and even underwear all make great personalized bridal party gifts.

Parties for the Bride

Depending on the bride’s personality, bridal party gifts can be cheeky or wholesome. While monogrammed underwear may not be seen by anyone but the wearer, they can be a fun gift for bridal parties. Monogrammed T-shirts are a fun addition to any bachelorette party or bridal shower. And if you include the wedding date, you and your friends will have a special souvenir to remember the occasion for years to come. Comfortable tank tops are not only flattering, but they can be personalized in the same way as T-shirts.

But wedding apparel is not only a great gift idea for the bridesmaid. The bride can also join in the fun and have her apparel monogrammed. Sporting these cute personalized shirts is a great way to go out on the town and bid farewell to the single life in style.

Bring a little pizzazz into the equation and choose figure hugging apparel with the words spelled out in jewelled studs. Why stop there? You can outfit the whole wedding party in monogrammed matching outfits, each one boasting a different title. Regardless of the theme of your wedding, monogrammed bridal party clothing is a great idea.

Parties for the Groom

Traditionally it is the job of the groomsmen to arrange the bachelor party. To take the party up a notch, why not order personalized apparel to mark the occasion? T-shirts, caps or hooded sweat shirts can be monogrammed with clever inscriptions such as, â€taken,†or â€groom †game over.†On your night out, nobody will wonder for a second what it is you’re celebrating. Plus your groomsmen will have a great piece of clothing they can tell stories about for years to come.

Fun with Wedding Preparations

The weeks and days before the wedding are filled with events that bring the bridal party together. The bride has her wedding shower and bridesmaid luncheon, the groom has his bachelor party. Plus, there are wedding rehearsals, casual get togethers and the pre-wedding dinner.

The parents of the couple, bridesmaids, maid of honor, flower girls and ring bearers traditionally make up the wedding party. Why not honor their role in the wedding by giving them apparel to mark the occasion?

You could get your flower girls and the ring bears a T-shirt or cap with their role and name monogrammed on the front. They won’t hesitate to proudly wear it to each and every event leading up the wedding. Your parents can also be so honored with their own personalized piece of clothing boasting their role, or simply something that commemorates the occasion.

With wedding apparel, you can keep it simple or ornate. A simple elegant piece of clothing that fits in with your wedding colors and is monogrammed with a date can be worn again and again after the big day. Or you could coordinate your bridal party with matching apparel and individual monogrammed messages that convey their status in your wedding.

You could include your four legged friends too by having a doggie tank top made to fit and monogrammed. If the bridal party includes man’s best friend, then why not dress him or her up in the weeks before the wedding? Monogram their outfit with something fitting and let them advertise your special day for you. They will also look great in photographs and be a great subject for conversation for years to come.

Personalized bridal apparel is meant to be fun and is a perfect gift option for everyone involved. With the vast variety of apparel options to choose from, you will be able to find something to suit everyone. Even if it is meant as a keepsake, chances are your bridal party will be more than eager and proud to put it on.

Then there is also the honeymoon to consider. Personalized bridal apparel is not only aimed at the bridal party. Personally monogrammed underwear or a bikini can be a great way to surprise your husband. Why not get matching T-shirts and caps and wear them to the beach?

Remember, no matter how formal or contemporary your wedding is, clothing and apparel that mark the occasion and make your bridal party feel special is a great way to commemorate your wedding for years to come.

Sandy Darson is a freelance writer who writes about weddings, often focusing on one aspect of weddings such as bridal party gifts.

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